sick day :(

Sophia woke up early yesterday and then was super sleepy much earlier than normal nap time…


As you can see, she fell asleep on the floor, in the bright daylight…and as you can’t see, she also fell asleep with Joshua running around, crashing cars, and happily screaming….this is not a normal recipe for sleep but I did enjoy the few minutes of cuddling before I woke her. A cat nap = A crappy real nap so I didn’t want to mess things up for the rest of her day.

Joshua actually quieted down and played really nicely solo while I snuggled his sissy…


Well the sleepy head turned into a sick head! She ended up with a fever of 101 and just not herself. We laid low in the afternoon and snuggled on the couch lots!


Dinner was rough and we could tell she just didn’t feel well. Several melt downs later we made it to bed time! Whew:) Joshua took advantage of daddy cuddling Sophia, and snuggled up with mama…



Sleep wasn’t awesome since Sophia was feeling crummy still, but eventually she got a solid stretch of sleep! She woke up feeling pretty warm but after some meds and fluids she has perked up a bit this morning.

I sure hope it’s short lived and that Joshua avoids it…though it’s virtually impossible since they swap pacifiers and water bottles when I am not looking….

Glad it’s Friday!!! Weekend ahead to get our girl feeling all better!


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