daddy date!

One of my very favorite parts of the first year of the babies’ lives was our weekly lunch dates with Greg! It was so fun for me (mostly) to get out of the house and see Greg, but also fun for the babes to get dressed for an afternoon out on town!

Right around their first birthday, the babies transitioned to one nap a day which just happened to be over lunch hour…11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Boo. Since that transition, and the move (which now means a longer drive to Greg’s office than before) we haven’t done a lunch date.

However, yesterday we made the trek to Greg’s new office to see where he works and to meet a few people…




After making way too much noise, and getting into way too many things, we went down the street for a quick snack date with daddy! The babies gobbled up a donut (in fact someone….Joshua…ate mine as well) and just seemed so grown up compared to the days when they slept through lunch dates in their car seats…




I know this probably won’t happen weekly (the round trip drive was almost 1.5 hrs!!) but it will be fun to do this every once in a while!

Seeing daddy during the day is the best!



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