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toddler open gym

Our gym (community center) has a fun new activity called Toddler Tuesdays…they open up the pool and gym and give toddlers and caregivers free reign!

Since I am out numbered I automatically crossed off the pool option….but open gym {aka, letting the kids run free??} I can do!

So after I went to my gym class {and kids were in the child care} we went down to the open and gym and the kids had a blast!

There were more toddlers than I expected but it’s open to the whole public so I guess it makes sense…

Very thankful that the kiddos were able to run around and play with some new toys!






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weekend fun

It’s Tuesday and I already forgot what we did this weekend…like literally can’t remember. Mama Brain (or lack thereof) is a true thing people.

Thankfully I have photos to help me remember…

Ah yes, we started the weekend with a trip to the library. The babies had fun playing and then had more fun touching every single computer keyboard and interrupting every single tutoring session. They had so much fun that one of my strong willed {they are BOTH strong willed…} toddlers was kicking and crying in arms as I had to carry him out because he didn’t want to leave. Ahhhh yes, the joy of a toddler with an opinion 🙂


After lunch and nap I took Joshua to get his hair cut. I have lost track of number of cuts…I think this is 4 or 5!? But this one made him look especially grown up….


And little Miss looked especially grown up toting around her twin babies and a beverage like it was no big deal…she sure makes having twins look easy…


We played “nigh nigh” a lot…


And enjoyed the rest of the day at home.

Sunday we went to church and after a major sad melt down when mama left the babies in the nursery, we picked up two happy kids an hour later and had our weekly donut date at church…thank you for free grub!



Beside that highlight, we spent the rest of the day napping, coloring, doing grocery shopping, and practicing walking down the stairs {not crawling} with the old “one-two” method {yes we say ONE…TWO…down every. single. step. so babies get the footing down}…



And what would a weekend be without lots of snuggling?!


We love weekends!!!

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girls weekend!!!!

I have been meaning to post about this all last week, and finally I am here to share!

Last weekend {Valentines/Presidents Day weekend} I hopped a bus and headed to Chicago to spend time with my besties!

It was seriously such a blessing that Greg was able to take off work and STAY with the babies…you heard that right folks…he willingly stayed a weekend alone with the kids. Not that they aren’t fun or anything…they are…but they are also a lot of work..and being on duty for 3 days straight is a lot. I even dread those long stretches when Greg has to travel for work. Anyway, all that to say…I am fully aware that not all husbands/dads would be up for that…so to say I was so blessed by this time away is an understatement!

I was in Chicago Friday afternoon till super late on Sunday night {took midnight bus home} and spent the weekend walking, lounging, eating, talking, shopping, laughing, and connecting with my soul sisters!

Friday Beth and I decided to have a low key “mama” day…we grabbed lunch at a sweet little cafe near our hotel…shopped a bit…took a nap…and then had dinner {PIZZA!} in bed! It was seriously so beautiful to connect with Beth who is also a mama and talk about life as a wife and a mother and just being encouraged all around! I am pretty sure we fell asleep at 9:00 pm…we sure know how to live it up in the Windy City!


Saturday was lazy in the morning and we lounged, grabbed a late breakfast at the same cafe {we wanted to feel like “regulars”} and then we heard from Darcy that she would be arriving soon! And then there were three….


Darcy is one of my favorite people to explore with…she is so laid back, up for anything {except karaoke…thank goodness!} and just loves to have fun all while being up for discussing life, love, and other mysteries!

I won’t bore you with every detail of or day so I will let the pics do the talking!







Fun day ended with a stop at a dualing piano bar. We had a blast and stayed out way past my normal bedtime…wild woman over here!

Sunday morning Beth left super early, and I really couldn’t sleep so off to the lobby to check in with these cuties via FaceTime….


A little crazy how much I missed them all! After a slow morning Darcy and I stopped for food and off we went for the day…we went all over town it felt like and ended up in Millenium Park, and Lincoln Park to name a few…






We rolled into our hotel room Sunday evening with just enough time to pack up and take an hour nap before catching a cab and hopping on the bus to take the overnight trip home!

I didn’t sleep much, if any, so when we rolled into town around 6 am, I rolled down the windows and got home as fast as possible! I crawled into bed and woke up 1.5 hours later to sweet baby snuggles!!!!

So thankful this weeked happened {we have been planning this weekend since last June!}….so refreshing and so wonderful to come back to my husband and kids….right where I belong!

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dinner time

Or as Joshua likes to say…”DINNAH”

Our kids have, for the most part, been on the early track. Early to rise, early to bed. There was a small window of time {which I barely remember} that they slept till 8-9 am and were in bed for the night equally as late (or later)…but once they got on a schedule, and they started cutting out naps, all activities just naturally worked into an earlier time frame.

I love it for the most part. We are typically up “early” for Greg to get to work, so why not have the babies up? As long as it’s not 5 am, mind you. Plus their early mornings mean we get a few hours of down time in the evenings which is equally as nice. Only downsides are that the early bed limits evening time with daddy, and it has really hindered us from having dinner as a family.

Until recently.

Since the babies were typically eating around 5:00 pm and Greg wasn’t home from work till more like 5:15 or 5:30, it was next to impossible to have dinner ready so we could all sit down. So I just made something quick for babies, and then cook for us adults after they were in bed {or at least wait till Greg was home so I had entertainment help} …but I hated never sitting down together.

So recently I have tried to strategically let the babies watch an afternoon show around the time I need to start cooking…or get out the crayons and paper…or just let them run wild…and surprisingly I have managed to get dinner for us all on the table by 5:30 several nights now. They are just a tiny but more independent these days which has helped and it feels great knowing we can all sit together for a few minutes….but I am definitely not under the impression it will always happen. It will happen when it can, and when it can’t I won’t stress about it!



The babies are LITERALLY the pickiest eaters I know…we have tried it all…let them eat off our plate, offer them things repeatedly, don’t make a big deal out of it…nothing works. So you can probably tell their plates look different than the meal Greg and I eat…I am so hoping that as they see us eat foods at dinner, they will be willing to expand their horizons from chicken nuggets and Trader Joe’s baked peas….kidding…they eat a FEW more things.

Here’s to family dinners!

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a little of this…a little of that…

Here is a bunch of randomness for this lovely spring-like wednesday!

On Monday we went to Costco and let the babies out of the cart. They need practice in the “hold mommy’s hand and don’t run away” department. Shockingly, we strolled several aisles without a run away…


The babies and Greg all have a Puma track suit…I do not. Not cool enough to be in that club….


Here is the finished product of the gift the babies made for Greg…and when I say the babies made it, I mean I strapped them in their high chairs to get footprints and then let them run wild while I crafted the rest of it…thanks Pinterest for the idea!

{it says: from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our toes…we love you!}


It has been ridiculously warm and beautiful here the last two days! We are soaking it up before it goes back below 0, as it appears it will…




We have had dinner as a family the last three days straight. 2 of those days I managed to make dinner with my little energizer bunnies running around at my feet. Not trying to toot my own horn…but I am…this is a huge accomplishment and I am proud! I am hoping we keep this up {more about dinner as a family later, as I have already promised}. Tonight we had Baked Chicken Parmesan…at 5:15 {yes we eat like old people…I blame it on my kids}…dishes done by 6:00…again, proud of myself!


Happy Wednesday!

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My Valentines!

I forgot to share these photos over the weekend! I actually got the babies to sit still for a few Valentine pictures…and this is a huge accomplishment if I do say so myself…and I definitely used the aid of the iPad to get the job done 😉

Hope you had a lovely day of LOVE!!!




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Valentine’s DAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I love giving gifts and doing little things for those I love, especially around holidays! And if you are reading this, and have never gotten a gift from me or any sort of “little thing” it’s not because I don’t love you…it’s just because…I have two kids. That’s always a good excuse for most anything 🙂

Anyway, since I left bright and early before anyone was out of bed, I wanted to leave a few goodies for my three Valentines! Nothing fancy but just a little extra love!





You know I was going for extravagant when you see the $0.75 sticker on the donut package 😉

I got the babies some new cups for smoothies as well as a few snacks and a light up bouncy ball. Coolest. Mom. Ever. Right??? For the Mr, the babies made a special gift which I will share with you later…want to make sure he opened it before posting about it here. The babies decorated the tags {as well as were crucial to the success of the enclosed gift} and we called it a day!

And now…let’s flashback to last year on Valentine’s Day….


Our little bugs were so…little! Gee whiz, that feels like ages ago.

Enjoy the day!

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