weekend fun!

The weekend started out with temperatures hovering right around freezing which practically felt like summer!

Grandpa was over to be with the kiddos for a few hours so I could run errands. After I got back we bundled the babies up and went out for a walk around the block! What a glorious feeling to breathe in some fresh air!





And of course right as all the snow is finally shoveled off the driveway we had to prepare for another winter blast!

We had plans to take the babies over to my parents house for Saturday night and didn’t want to get caught in the weather, so we packed up their little overnight back packs and hit the road to grandma and grandpa’s house
Saturday morning…


Babies had a blast over there and Greg and I had the pleasure of spending our free afternoon shoveling and shoveling and shoveling!

We did enjoy an evening with some of my siblings eating pizza and playing old school Nintendo (I watched. Way too stressful to play with that group:)).

We got to sleep in on Sunday and then we went back to pick up the babies. The roads were less than ideal but we made it safe and sound and found the babies playing hard as usual at g&g’s house!



Spent the rest of Sunday getting ready for the week ahead!

Weekends go way too fast. Have I mentioned that before?


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  1. Mom

    I couldn’t help but notice Sophia standing on the slide in the picture 😉

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