Valentine’s Eve!

Valentine’s Day has never been a super important holiday to me…I mean, fun to celebrate, but nothing extravagant.

But then my babies turned into toddlers and it just seems so much more fun to celebrate!

So I am kicking off a few days on the blog sharing a few Valentine’s activities happening around these parts. Except….

I am going to be GONE tomorrow…on Valentine’s Day! Crushed. That’s how I feel. This mama is heading out of town with some besties for a girls weekend…which will be fab…but happens to fall on this holiday I have been so excited to celebrate with my littles. But don’t worry…we will be doing all things love and hearts upon my return. I asked Greg to make sure everything is all “hearts” tomorrow while I am gone…he said he couldn’t promise anything.

So to kick things off, this afternoon we decorated a Valentine’s Day card with pretty pink and purple crayons and lots of heart shaped stickers.


Sophia was super into coloring today {usually Joshua is the one who is way into coloring}….and she looked so grown up laying there, coloring.


And then we filled our bellies with heart shaped pizza to wrap up this Valentine’s Eve….nothing screams LOVE like lots and lots of grease…right?!


Will be back tomorrow with more lovey dovey goodness!!!


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