Valentine’s DAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I love giving gifts and doing little things for those I love, especially around holidays! And if you are reading this, and have never gotten a gift from me or any sort of “little thing” it’s not because I don’t love you…it’s just because…I have two kids. That’s always a good excuse for most anything 🙂

Anyway, since I left bright and early before anyone was out of bed, I wanted to leave a few goodies for my three Valentines! Nothing fancy but just a little extra love!





You know I was going for extravagant when you see the $0.75 sticker on the donut package 😉

I got the babies some new cups for smoothies as well as a few snacks and a light up bouncy ball. Coolest. Mom. Ever. Right??? For the Mr, the babies made a special gift which I will share with you later…want to make sure he opened it before posting about it here. The babies decorated the tags {as well as were crucial to the success of the enclosed gift} and we called it a day!

And now…let’s flashback to last year on Valentine’s Day….


Our little bugs were so…little! Gee whiz, that feels like ages ago.

Enjoy the day!


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One response to “Valentine’s DAY!

  1. mom

    awww… your love bugs!! So hard to believe this picture was taken only a year ago!

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