a little of this…a little of that…

Here is a bunch of randomness for this lovely spring-like wednesday!

On Monday we went to Costco and let the babies out of the cart. They need practice in the “hold mommy’s hand and don’t run away” department. Shockingly, we strolled several aisles without a run away…


The babies and Greg all have a Puma track suit…I do not. Not cool enough to be in that club….


Here is the finished product of the gift the babies made for Greg…and when I say the babies made it, I mean I strapped them in their high chairs to get footprints and then let them run wild while I crafted the rest of it…thanks Pinterest for the idea!

{it says: from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our toes…we love you!}


It has been ridiculously warm and beautiful here the last two days! We are soaking it up before it goes back below 0, as it appears it will…




We have had dinner as a family the last three days straight. 2 of those days I managed to make dinner with my little energizer bunnies running around at my feet. Not trying to toot my own horn…but I am…this is a huge accomplishment and I am proud! I am hoping we keep this up {more about dinner as a family later, as I have already promised}. Tonight we had Baked Chicken Parmesan…at 5:15 {yes we eat like old people…I blame it on my kids}…dishes done by 6:00…again, proud of myself!


Happy Wednesday!


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