dinner time

Or as Joshua likes to say…”DINNAH”

Our kids have, for the most part, been on the early track. Early to rise, early to bed. There was a small window of time {which I barely remember} that they slept till 8-9 am and were in bed for the night equally as late (or later)…but once they got on a schedule, and they started cutting out naps, all activities just naturally worked into an earlier time frame.

I love it for the most part. We are typically up “early” for Greg to get to work, so why not have the babies up? As long as it’s not 5 am, mind you. Plus their early mornings mean we get a few hours of down time in the evenings which is equally as nice. Only downsides are that the early bed limits evening time with daddy, and it has really hindered us from having dinner as a family.

Until recently.

Since the babies were typically eating around 5:00 pm and Greg wasn’t home from work till more like 5:15 or 5:30, it was next to impossible to have dinner ready so we could all sit down. So I just made something quick for babies, and then cook for us adults after they were in bed {or at least wait till Greg was home so I had entertainment help} …but I hated never sitting down together.

So recently I have tried to strategically let the babies watch an afternoon show around the time I need to start cooking…or get out the crayons and paper…or just let them run wild…and surprisingly I have managed to get dinner for us all on the table by 5:30 several nights now. They are just a tiny but more independent these days which has helped and it feels great knowing we can all sit together for a few minutes….but I am definitely not under the impression it will always happen. It will happen when it can, and when it can’t I won’t stress about it!



The babies are LITERALLY the pickiest eaters I know…we have tried it all…let them eat off our plate, offer them things repeatedly, don’t make a big deal out of it…nothing works. So you can probably tell their plates look different than the meal Greg and I eat…I am so hoping that as they see us eat foods at dinner, they will be willing to expand their horizons from chicken nuggets and Trader Joe’s baked peas….kidding…they eat a FEW more things.

Here’s to family dinners!


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