weekend fun

It’s Tuesday and I already forgot what we did this weekend…like literally can’t remember. Mama Brain (or lack thereof) is a true thing people.

Thankfully I have photos to help me remember…

Ah yes, we started the weekend with a trip to the library. The babies had fun playing and then had more fun touching every single computer keyboard and interrupting every single tutoring session. They had so much fun that one of my strong willed {they are BOTH strong willed…} toddlers was kicking and crying in arms as I had to carry him out because he didn’t want to leave. Ahhhh yes, the joy of a toddler with an opinion 🙂


After lunch and nap I took Joshua to get his hair cut. I have lost track of number of cuts…I think this is 4 or 5!? But this one made him look especially grown up….


And little Miss looked especially grown up toting around her twin babies and a beverage like it was no big deal…she sure makes having twins look easy…


We played “nigh nigh” a lot…


And enjoyed the rest of the day at home.

Sunday we went to church and after a major sad melt down when mama left the babies in the nursery, we picked up two happy kids an hour later and had our weekly donut date at church…thank you for free grub!



Beside that highlight, we spent the rest of the day napping, coloring, doing grocery shopping, and practicing walking down the stairs {not crawling} with the old “one-two” method {yes we say ONE…TWO…down every. single. step. so babies get the footing down}…



And what would a weekend be without lots of snuggling?!


We love weekends!!!


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