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weekend fun!

Greg was traveling for work the last part of last week so when the babies woke up on Saturday morning and daddy was home, they were really excited!

We spent most of Saturday around the house playing and made a quick grocery trip. I even got a little mama time (much needed after being on solo toddler duty ;)) out and about doing a little shopping!

Sunday was church (there were no tears at nursery drop off!!!!!!) and then after nap we spent most of the afternoon outside! It was a beautiful day!

We also made some progress in the using silverware department when we switched the babies to normal forks and not baby ones…of course they would do better with adult forks…THEY AREN’T BABIES ANYMORE…….

In addition, Sophia was recruited to laundry duty and Joshua discovered that pockets have a real purpose…

Solid weekend!










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one word wednesday



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then…and now…

As I mentioned before, we had house guests over the weekend including an 11 month old. Since we didn’t have a third high chair, we used one of our Bumbo seats from when our kiddos were just babes for little Noelle to sit in during meals.

The babies were so, so excited about this “new” piece of furniture in the house. They spent many minutes figuring out how to back up to the seat, plop in, and then get back out. It’s so low to the ground and made for infants so they had a grand time figuring it all out!

Sophia popped in and out very easily since she is such a slender little thing. Joshua had fine time getting in, but getting out took a bit more practice. There were several times that I found him crawling around with a big plastic seat attached to his hiney.

Of course one Bumbo seat wasn’t enough…so I got out the second to avoid arguments. Seeing them sit there brought a flood of memories from their little baby days!



My how time flies!

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weekend fun!

We had a busy but very fun weekend!

About a month ago some dear friends from Minneapolis asked us if we would like some visitors…ummmm, yes please! So they made arrangements to come visit this weekend with their sweet little 11 month old girl!

We had lots of fun with all the kids…playing, splashing in the tub, and juggling various nap and eating schedules! My babies were very interested in the smaller baby and were generally pretty careful and nice. A few times they tried to grab away toys but otherwise a success!

The adults also got some time to play and get out of the house sans the babies! The girls went to get pedicures, the boys went to eat wings, and we even got in a double date with the help of Grandma V babysitting!

Great, full weekend …thankful for the visit!





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one word wednesday



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weekend fun…

this weekend consisted of Popsicles and pizza on Friday evening…errands and outside play on Saturday…gym work out for mama on Sunday followed by a family dinner at grandma and grandpa’a later that evening!

In between all of that mom and dad reprinted the kitchen…we painted it orange when we moved in for a splash of color, but after living with it for 6 months we realized it wasn’t the right fit for the space. I think it was too close to the wood floor color and I couldn’t find a way to make the family room (gray) flow to the kitchen (orange)…good color just not in that space! Maybe for the kids’ bathroom though…

So we went with a tue navy and I am in love! For being a dark color it almost lightens the space because of the contrast with the cupboards and floors. Plus it goes well with the curtains and flows much better! Worth the money and time to switch!













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embrace the camera

Lately the kids have seemed so “big”…so “old.”

I just realized that they are going to be 21 months tomorrow…which means they are almost 2. Like to the point where I can almost stop counting the months and start referring to just the year of their age.

This is so strange. I know kids grow and change but it seems like all of the sudden it’s happening so fast. The first 12 months went so fast but much of it I can’t remember without pictures. Now, life is just as fast but I think I am finally noticing it more…more aware of it rather than just knowing it’s happening.

I don’t have a ton of pictures of me and both babies. So when I got this photo, it made me remember a photo from the early days when it was a piece of cake to take pictures of both with mommy…they didn’t move much back then 🙂



And these two pictures are the reason for this rambling session! They have gotten so big, so quickly.

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