weekend fun!

The babies went to grandma and grandpa’s house for the weekend! I missed them almost as soon as I dropped them off…but it was a great weekend everyone! Babies had a blast with lots and lots of attention and mom and dad got several projects done and enjoyed sleeping in and going out for dinner! We picked up the kiddos before their nap on Sunday, so we still had lots of family time in the afternoon!

Here is what the babies were up to with G & G…






My favorite is seeing what Joshua wanted to push around in his stroller and what Sophia pushed around…Ha! Have I mentioned before they are like day and night?!!!?

Greg and I had a list of things to get done but didn’t want to feel huge pressure as we also wanted to relax a bit while the babies were gone…I am happy to report we accomplished a lot! We hung up a few more items (slowly getting things up on the walls)…we {Tina} finished painting some kitchen trim in preparation for repainting the kitchen wall color…we got tax info in order {Greg}…we went out for dinner and stopped at Ikea…and we shoveled the four additional inches of snow that we got on Saturday night…


Then the babies came back and we enjoyed some play time and a lovely walk around the block! The babies love to walk and the air was cool but tolerable!




And as if we didn’t accomplish more in the day and a half the babies were gone than we had in literally MONTHS, I got a second wind after the babies went to bed and built two IKEA shelves…baked banana bread…and prepped the playroom for painting trim tomorrow. And Greg finished off the shoveling. No idea where this energy came from but it was nice and we are running with it!



Happy Monday!


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