From Monday-Friday from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm I am outnumbered. There are the wonderful times when someone comes to visit/help and then it’s 2 on 2…but typically I am the only one with two high energy toddlers.

I have learned how to look to my right and my left at the same time…keeping an eye on both kids…except that one time when I wasn’t watching closely and one of my kids climbed onto the kitchen table and perched right in the middle…

I have also learned to read a story to one while listening to the other from across the house…except that one time that I wasn’t listening well enough until I heard one of my kids yelling “ON TOP!!!” from the very top step while peering down…

But we are used to the chaos and the multi taking and bask in the beauty of having an extra set of hands on occasion!

Aunt Ede had the day off from work last week so she came to play and boy was it nice to take the babies out and to know I didn’t have to constantly scan for two bodies…I knew she was also watching!

We went to our favorite indoor play land…and the library. We loved our play date with EEEEEDDDDD as the kids say!






Oh and apparently when mom isn’t out numbered and Aunt Ede suggests eating a cucumber, my kids like to show off and the cucumber it pso yummy and good…who cares that mom has been losing sleep over the fact that the kids hate veggies. Thanks little ones…I just carried you, birthed you, and kept you alive the last 20 months…either way, seeing them eating a cucumber was the highlight of our time with Aunt Ede.




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