embrace the camera

Lately the kids have seemed so “big”…so “old.”

I just realized that they are going to be 21 months tomorrow…which means they are almost 2. Like to the point where I can almost stop counting the months and start referring to just the year of their age.

This is so strange. I know kids grow and change but it seems like all of the sudden it’s happening so fast. The first 12 months went so fast but much of it I can’t remember without pictures. Now, life is just as fast but I think I am finally noticing it more…more aware of it rather than just knowing it’s happening.

I don’t have a ton of pictures of me and both babies. So when I got this photo, it made me remember a photo from the early days when it was a piece of cake to take pictures of both with mommy…they didn’t move much back then 🙂



And these two pictures are the reason for this rambling session! They have gotten so big, so quickly.


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  1. d2bb32av

    Oh Tina, the picture of you holding both when they were so little brings tears to my eyes. They were soooo little! Where has the time gone?? But such amazing little people they are – with such unique personalities and so so so much fun!!!!

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