then…and now…

As I mentioned before, we had house guests over the weekend including an 11 month old. Since we didn’t have a third high chair, we used one of our Bumbo seats from when our kiddos were just babes for little Noelle to sit in during meals.

The babies were so, so excited about this “new” piece of furniture in the house. They spent many minutes figuring out how to back up to the seat, plop in, and then get back out. It’s so low to the ground and made for infants so they had a grand time figuring it all out!

Sophia popped in and out very easily since she is such a slender little thing. Joshua had fine time getting in, but getting out took a bit more practice. There were several times that I found him crawling around with a big plastic seat attached to his hiney.

Of course one Bumbo seat wasn’t enough…so I got out the second to avoid arguments. Seeing them sit there brought a flood of memories from their little baby days!



My how time flies!


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  1. d2bb32av

    And someday you’ll see your kids with kids and wonder – where did the time go?

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