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it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Actually, it was raining cats and dogs until mid afternoon. So the morning wasn’t quite as beautiful. But after naps and snack, the sun was shiny and it was a warm 78 degrees so out in our rain boots we went!



We made a loop around the block and only managed to lose a piece of chalk the entire time! We ended up back in our yard and played on the swings and slide for quite some time…


Then it was time for us to come in so I could get dinner stared and….{wait for it}….there were ZERO tantrums when I summoned my twinsie toddlers to the house. It’s the little {or huge} things, people!


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weekend fun!

We had a busy, busy weekend!

Friday started out with a trip to visit Uncle Tony at work and Aunt Ede came along to help manage the little monkeys! Tony works at a bank so I was terrified the kids would set off some alarm or walk out the door with a few fifties in their pockets…


We had time to stop and play at Aunt Ede’s work…



Saturday I had some mama time visiting a cloth diaper store and came home in time to get the kids lunch and down for nap! When they woke up we packed their overnight bags and set off for grandma and grandpa’s house…the kids spent Saturday afternoon with G&G and spent the night so we could go out with all my siblings!




Of course they had a blast and ate and slept like little angels!!

Greg and I had a little mini date downtown before meeting up with everyone! We stopped in and played a few arcade games and walked around and felt really old being so close to so many young students on campus. Ahhh they looked so youthful. Regardless we had fun and I even beat my hubby at basketball skeeball! Heyo!!!!!



Tasty (and free) dinner with the siblings thanks to my parent’s Chistmas to us! We finally coordinated schedules and got out together! Fun times, and we were still home and in bed by 10:30! Perfect!


Sunday we “slept in” till 7…dang those birds for waking us up…and had time to do some cleaning and getting a few things around the house done! Then off to my parents to see the kiddos! We played and then Greg and Joshua headed home and Sophia and I stayed for my future sister in law’s bridal shower!


Oh and I couldn’t find my heels so….


Back home to have some family time at the park and at home!




The kiddos were troopers with a very out of the norm schedule and were happy little campers the entire weekend! Love these kinds of weekends!!!

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embrace the camera!

Usually before bed we spend time reading and playing all together, then say goodnight, and each take a kiddo and do some more reading, singing, bedtime prayers…

Tonight after I said goodnight to Sophia she ran out of her room into the hall to see me reading with Joshua and she cried the biggest, saddest, crocodile tears I’ve seen….she seemed to need a little more mama time so we all snuggled on the chair and read together.


I didn’t mind the extra cuddles….

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one word wednesday.



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easter festivities!

I mentioned a bit about Easter yesterday but this holiday was so fun with the kiddos around! I think this was the first holiday that they actively participated in the activities we had planned for them….even Christmas they opened gifts but then ran off and played with old toys….this holiday they seemed to understand what we were telling them to do! And it was so fun!

We started by putting together their Easter baskets with a few items…bunny ears (they had already seen), fruit/veggie pouches {cause I felt I had to make up for their sugar consumption}, some new socks for summer, small trucks for J, a small doll for S, bunny sippy cups {which are total crap, by the way}, and some Easter books thanks to G & G Mohr!


Then came the debate…do we hide the baskets or just leave them on the table? Greg grew up only hiding the eggs, not the basket. He argues “who hunts for baskets??? You hunt for eggs!!!” I grew up with hidden baskets. Truthfully it wasn’t a huge debate but it was just funny cause I was so sure everyone hid their baskets! After a survey of friends, it seems pretty split 50/50 hiding/not hiding baskets. So I hid them anyway! And boy did I hid them really hard……



When the kids woke up I pretty much walked them right by the baskets and they noticed so I made a big deal “oh my! What did you find? Wow you found your basket!!!!!”



We did church and came home for lunch and nap. After nap we went outside to do our own Easter egg hunt since the one we PAID FOR didn’t really go as planned…

And I was soooooo happy that they loved looking for eggs, showing us the eggs, then going back for “mo egg”. I know it sounds silly but I was half worried they would reject the egg hunt because of the mean lady at the community hunt. Thankfully they had a blast and we kept rehiding eggs all afternoon!



Joshua’s method: find as many eggs as possible…stuff basket and go find more eggs!



Sophia’s method: find an egg, open to see if there is something sweet. If so, quickly stuff face, if not, dump the contents and quickly find another one with sweets…



We finally sat down to explore the contents of the eggs and found lots of treats! It really was a blast seeing them act like such little people!



Very fun day with the kiddos!

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weekend fun!

This weekend started out on Friday since Greg had the day off! Always a treat to have an extra day with daddy around! Even bigger treat?! Everyone slept till 7:00!

We spent some of Friday outside, some playing inside, and some running errands. We had to grab something from Buy Buy Baby and boy did the kids have a blast pushing their carts around. Mom on the other hand? I was having a blast putting everything that they stuffed in said carts, back on shelves.



Saturday was a bit challenging to say the least. We took Joshua to get his hair cut and left without a hair cut and with a screaming child. Long story short…there is a really fun slide in the waiting area and Joshua wanted to play on slide and not sit and get a hair cut. Needless to say, I was very thankful that they took a nice long nap so that I could regroup after that scream fest!

But we ended the day with pizza, lots of smiles and lots of fun!



Sunday was Easter! So thankful to have a holiday with such meaning to celebrate! We went to church with my family (where I grew up going to church) and then everyone came back to our house after! It was a lovely day…the weather was beautiful, and the company wonderful!




More on our Easter celebrations tomorrow! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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embrace the camera!

Today we got to embrace the camera as a whole family!


I have been dreaming of the day when we could go outside and play after dinner and today was the first day of the season! Light enough and warm enough!

We took a little stroll around the block and then we played at our house for a while and then ended up invading the neighbor’s playscape! They were so sweet to offer us to use it anytime!




We got inside with enough time to wipe down the sweaty/dirty little hands and feet and send the kiddos off to dreamland!

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