when all the stars align…

The last week has been dreamy!

99% of the time I know when my kids are feeling their silly molars move because those days are not so dreamy. But lately it feels we have gotten a break from those ouchie teeth and have had some really great days! And it’s about time…we have been teething since oh, 4 months?!??

So when we aren’t teething the kiddos seem way more independent {less clingy} and there are far fewer tantrums …in mommy land this is when all the stars align!

It’s amazing the relief a mama feels after some agonizing days and how drastically my mood changes too!

On these days the kids play at my feet {not on my feet} while I make dinner…they choose their own individual activities {rather than stealing from the other}…they happy scream {rather than pain screams}…

I know there will be days that are hard and days that are less hard….but I am soaking up the beauty of these dreamy days…






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