Easter Egg Craft!

This craft is toddler and mommy friendly…clean, simple, cheap! I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and adapted the idea a bit with the stuff I had {and in a way that would turn out cute for my ‘outside of the lines’ crafters}

What you need….

+contact paper
+cut up tissue paper
+solid colored paper

Basically I started by cutting an egg shape out of the middle of a piece of heavy card stock. Not perfect, but what egg is perfect?! Then I cut out a piece of contact paper the size of the whole sheet of cardstock…


Next I attached the contact paper {sticky side out} to a lower surface using paint tape and set out the cut up tissue paper. I had the kiddos stick the tissue to the sticky paper….


They enjoyed it for a while then got bored. So I finished filling in the empty spots….


After it was mostly filled in I took off the painters tape and attached the egg shaped cut out on top. The sticky contact paper held the card stock relatively well but in order to keep it nice and secure I added one more piece of contact paper on top which helped with keeping any other items from sticky to the surface….for example; Cheerios, dust bunnies, and the like.

When all was said and done, this is how they look proudly displayed on our fridge:


A little Easter cheer that was easy and cheap!


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One response to “Easter Egg Craft!

  1. d2bb32av

    you are soooooooooooooooo creative! That is something I didn’t discover until after you kids were older!

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