mommy // daughter date

After Joshua’s mama date I told Greg I wanted to get in some one on one time with Sophia over the weekend! So after her nap on Sunday afternoon we loaded up in the car {with the SINGLE stroller, mind you} and off we went!


I was worried her date was going to be a little “errand heavy” but we still had fun! We ended up back at the toy store to grab a few swings for our new play set and also cuddled a cute baby doll along the way! I am glad she forgot about it by the time we got to the check out cause I wouldn’t have had the heart to put it back if she had continued to cling to it…


Then we stopped by to try on some summer clothes for little miss! She is growing so I wasn’t sure what sizes she would be in but I think we have it nailed down! She had a blast wearing a pair of sunglasses around the store and even trying some clothes on but didn’t love when I tried to take some pics so we have none of those from the dressing room 🙂

Last stop was Starbucks for a treat outside! We danced to the music playing, watched lots of people and stuffed our bellies!


Had a really fun time with my favorite little lady!



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  1. d2bb32av

    Make this a regular part of your life… you’ll never regret this time – just hanging with one for quality time!

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