weekend fun

The weekend fun started with a beautiful Friday afternoon and daddy arriving home a few minutes earlier than normal to join us! Then grandma arrived and the adults went out for a date night!


After preparing for the big Easter egg hunt we walked over to the park (very close to our house) and enjoyed being outside and watching all the festivities. The babies waited incredibly patiently as the lines to hunt for eggs were so long! Once we got up to the toddler Easter egg hunt and got let in, Joshua started going for the eggs immediately….of course, we taught him to do so. Except a crabby egg hunt worker yelled at him to stop because “it wasn’t time yet”….why let us in if you aren’t ready? Have you ever been around young toddlers? Needless to say he was very sad (lots I sad tears) and when they were finally allowed to hunt he had no interest and preferred to run around. Quickly Sophia gave up the eggs for joining her brother running up and down a hill closeby. We wrapped up the morning by checking out the petting zoo animals! Very fun!






We split up for afternoon errands and Joshua was very happy to help stack and unstack the Fixodent while I looked for toothbrushes!


We didn’t make it to church on Sunday due to some unexpected colds that showed up late Saturday so we grabbed some donuts and enjoyed a gorgeous morning at the park. Bonus…this is a new park to us and this mama’s dream come true…IT IS FENCED IN!! We may or may not be visiting ALL THE TIME 🙂




After naps we again split up for some errands, this time Sophia was with me and she was excited about arranging the curtains while I browsed!


Wrapped up a full weekend with a quick ride in our hand me down bike trailer/jogger stroller! It rides like a dream and the babies love it…as you can clearly see…


We packed a lot into our time but always so thankful for our weekends as a family!


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  1. Ede

    I’m mad at that egg hunter worker!! Also, did Joshy like the goat? 🙂

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