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So we survived our first “big” injury over the weekend….little J Man got stitches! Ouch!

We were just about to get the kids in bed on Sunday night but I wanted to put some laundry away first…Greg was with the kids playing and all the sudden I heard screaming and crying…not the tantrum kind…the “someone got really hurt” kind. I ran into the room to see blood gushing from Joshua’s mouth. Ah!

Greg was helping Sophia with something and at the same time, Joshua tried climbing up on our bed. They do this on occasion and have had no problems. Well, it seems that this time Joshua lost his footing or slipped and fell off…the crazy part is that he couldn’t have been more than a few inches off the floor, but as he slipped, he bit right through his bottom lip. Ahhhh!

I ran to get a towel to wipe him up but as soon as I looked at it I knew we had to take him to Urgent Care for stitches.

So we left Sophia with G&G {thankfully they were here!} and off we went! Urgent Care was not busy at all and we were in and out and back home within 30 minutes! It felt like hours, but it was quick!

The doctor came to check out the damage and confirmed he would need stitches….and that he couldn’t use topical numbing {apparently it has cocaine in it and he didn’t want it to potentially get ingested?! Who knew} so he had to not only stitch Joshy but also give him numbing through injection. He said that most kids scream while that’s happening and then fall asleep during the stitches from being so worked up.

Uh. Have you met my strong willed son?!

They had to wrap him in a Velcro blanket to keep him still and then started. Joshua screamed and yelled and attempted with all his might to break free from the blanket. He kept yelling, “I stuck…noooo….wait…” It was heart breaking and stressful and just when I thought the doc was done he said “ok I need to take the last stitch out and do it over…” You are joking, right??

I think it was at the time the doc had to re do the last stitch that I started seeing spots and feeling light headed. I told them I needed to sit down, then the doc looked over and said I was growing more and more pale and that I should lay down. They finished Joshua up just in time to let me take over the table before toppling over. They handed me Joshua and we laid there so I could calm him without passing out…


I downed a few cups of apple juice and felt much better. Joshua was calmed and they were ready to let us go. That little boy clung to me so hard as we were walking out for fear that we would take him to another doctor. Poor baby! On the way home he was pretty calm but didn’t let go of my hand…and of course he had to wear the necklace that I took off of home before we went into UC…


Three stitches for Joshy and in a few days he will be as good as new (and mama will be a wreck listening to him scream once again as they remove the stitches….)


Hope that’s a first and last kind of experience….


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last weekend fun!

Not only did we have a 3 day weekend due to Memorial Day, but we actually got a 4 day family weekend thanks to my little brother’s wedding!

We had lots of festivities over the four days and surprisingly I got minimal pictures because we were having way too much fun…and a little stress {more on that in a bit}…

We didn’t have any major responsibilities for the wedding so we had a pretty low key Friday morning and spent time outside soaking up the lovely weather!


After naps we got all dolled up and went to my hometown for a beautiful outside wedding. The kids were only in attendance for the family pictures and then made their exit before the ceremony with Grandma and Grandpa Mohr. We were thankful for a night out to fully enjoy the festivities….


Saturday was a family brunch in the morning and then after naps I enjoyed a quiet house to clean up and get dinner ready while the kids enjoy park time with G&G and daddy! It was glorious for all! After dinner, Aunt Ann Marie (Greg’s sister) arrived for the rest of the weekend and Yia Yia (my grandma) and Great Uncle John arrived to visit while he was in town. My kids are not usually impressed with new people and it takes a while for them to warm up but they were instant friends with Uncle John!


Sunday morning was spent at a different park and Sunday afternoon was spent at the sprinkler park/splash pad near our house! The kids were loving the sunshine and fresh air!


We had a lovely family dinner and then right before bed (literally 10 minutes before they usually go down) Joshua got a big ouchie which landed is at Urgent Care for stitches! More on that story tomorrow…


Monday we went to Ikea before Grandma and Grandpa left and then after naps we went to get ice cream and a few errands…that was way far from pleasant {a certain little guy was having a rough afternoon and I attribute it to lack of sleep and an ouchie mouth}…but we survived the several tantrums and crabbies!



Lots going on, mostly fun, an ouchie experience, and a few “I am going to poke my eyeballs out if they scream one more time” moments, but all in all it was a really great weekend!

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Some days, all of my attempts at a tantrum free, super engaging, easy breezy day fail. Miserably, at that.

But some days things just jive and today is one of them (knock on wood…2 more hours till daddy gets home)…

We woke up at a reasonable hour…we were all dressed by 8:30 am, and to the park by 9:00…the sun was shining, the kids were not pushing their limits (and mommy’s heart) on the playground…we laughed and ran and played…we came home and went straight to the playroom where the kids picked independent activities which allowed me to just watch. From afar. The kids usually do a decent job at entertaining themselves but it usually involves mama being closeby (not bad, just a different perspective)…when they decided it was time for mama to join the fun, we all agreed on an activity and everyone shared and clapped for each other…





It was really lovely. The truth is, I don’t need every day to be lovely. I know that part of being a mama//having kiddos is to know that while kids are great, there are many hard days when nothing goes a planned. And while it sucks in the moment, I have accepted that fact. So while I don’t want or need every day to be perfect (who doesn’t love a good challenge ;)) these days where everything seem to jive are just a blessing.

I soak them up, so that on those other days, those not so dreamy ones, I can look forward to knowing that another great day is just around the corner…or block…or even longer…but that all will jive again one day.

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one word wednesday.



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As soon as I saw the tornado warning for our county I just kept saying NOOOOOOO!

See, I don’t like tornados, and I like them less when caring for two small kids…and even less when our shelter (basement) is the biggest disaster of our house.

It’s an unfinished basement, and really nice and clean for an unfinished space, but we have yet to organize it since moving in and it has become our drop space for projects….like we have piles of nails on the floor, and various power tools, paint, etc. Not a space for busy and curious toddlers.

But I knew I had to take them down there to be safe once I heard the sirens! My smart hubby suggested putting a play yard gate around the “unsafe” area and then let the kids have at the rest of the space. Truthfully, it worked out great! They peered over the gate at the mess on the other side…and one tried to sneak back there…but I was able to keep them busy enough that it wasn’t an issue in the end.

So we spent a good hour downstairs, listening to the sounds of the basement…heater, water, etc, playing with old toys that were once again new, and eating enough snacks to completely ruin their dinner appetites.



Sophia even got a kick (and ride) out of sitting in her infant car seat. Surprisingly she still fits…



Thankfully the storm passed and we were all safe, and Greg got home right as the warning expired! It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated being down there, and now I actually have a goal of getting that space organized before the winter so we have a nice play space down there when it’s cold…maybe even put a trampoline and small climbing toy?!

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weekend fun!

Wait, it’s already Tuesday?! I somehow skipped over Monday, yesterday.

Regardless, we had a fun weekend!

Friday night started with Pizza night when daddy got home and dress up with winter gear…




Saturday morning with spent with Aunt Ede, Aunt Betsy, and Lucas at an outdoor creature center. The kids had a blast checking out the turkey, peacock, fox, deer, and other farm animals!!!





Then we all went over to grandma and grandpa’s house and the kids enjoyed a day/sleepover with each other and g & g! The parents enjoyed a quiet day and quiet morning!





The kids came home after breakfast and then we had a pretty normal day. Park time, naps, family walks and house projects….lovely day in between the toddler tantrums 🙂




Full weekend, full heart!

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one word wednesday.



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