our minnesota adventure!

A few things to mention before I share about the actual trip…

First, I say “adventure” because a trip with two kids under 2 is anything but a “vacation” 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, we really enjoyed our time and we couldn’t have asked for it to go more smoothly, but waking up at 5:30 am to a child who’s body is confused by the ONE HOUR time change is not exactly a vacation for this mama (or dad).

Second, we had no real reason to go on this adventure other than wanting to take advantage of one last free flight for our tots before they turn 2. After they are two, they can no longer ride for free on our laps…soooo, it will be a while before we fly with them again. But who knows, maybe in a year we will be really adventurous and DRIVE with our energizer bunnies for our next visit!

Third, we had the best possible scenario in terms of lodging. We found an awesome rental house, outside of the cities, for just a few bucks more (per night) than staying in a hotel room. So we had a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3000 sq foot rental house, on a lake, for as much as we could get a hotel room. Those few extra bucks were so, so worth it! The kids had their own rooms, we had plenty of space to host get togethers with friends, and maybe the very best part….the entire finished basement was FILLED with toys. Now, come on…it does not get better than that! The house was also minutes away from our dear friends Dani and Jared (and crew) so we were blessed with borrowed pack and plays, car seats, high chairs, and even a car for the weekend! We were so, so fortunate that we found the rental, that our friends were so generous in sharing their kid items, and that people traveled to our rental to visit with us so we could keep the kids on their normal schedule (and our sanity)!

Now, about the trip! Since we didn’t go for any particular event like a wedding, we just planned out lots of get together with people. Some people we saw in small groups, some in large groups, some one on one. It was awesome. I will let the all our pictures do the talking but a few highlights….

Visiting my old school…visiting Greg’s old work…visiting a family I used to nanny for who also has twins (foreshadowing, eh?)…Mall of America and margaritas with a friend…a family date to the Minnesota zoo with friends…family photo shoot with a great local photographer that we used last year…one on one time with my dear friend…a twin-tastic play date (5 sets of toddler twins!!!!!)…another family play date with my bestie and her beautiful family (and a quick mama coffee date to Caribou)…a dinner with our former (and favorite) small group from church and all our bambinos…and plenty of visits with old friends, former roommates, etc.

Now onto the pictures….























We packed in a lot, in a short amount of time. So thankful for the trip and for the friends that we saw. It was hard to be back because it was a reminder of all those we love that are so far from us…but it was also a great reminder that these are the people that will remain life long friends, regardless of distance. Not once did it feel like it had been a year since we had spent time together. We love being in Michigan, but part of our hearts will always remain in Minnesota!

What a wonderful adventure!


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  1. Debbie

    I noticed Joshua was studying the exit plan!!! What a wonderful treat to go back and visit with your ‘Minnesota’ family! 😉

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