As soon as I saw the tornado warning for our county I just kept saying NOOOOOOO!

See, I don’t like tornados, and I like them less when caring for two small kids…and even less when our shelter (basement) is the biggest disaster of our house.

It’s an unfinished basement, and really nice and clean for an unfinished space, but we have yet to organize it since moving in and it has become our drop space for projects….like we have piles of nails on the floor, and various power tools, paint, etc. Not a space for busy and curious toddlers.

But I knew I had to take them down there to be safe once I heard the sirens! My smart hubby suggested putting a play yard gate around the “unsafe” area and then let the kids have at the rest of the space. Truthfully, it worked out great! They peered over the gate at the mess on the other side…and one tried to sneak back there…but I was able to keep them busy enough that it wasn’t an issue in the end.

So we spent a good hour downstairs, listening to the sounds of the basement…heater, water, etc, playing with old toys that were once again new, and eating enough snacks to completely ruin their dinner appetites.



Sophia even got a kick (and ride) out of sitting in her infant car seat. Surprisingly she still fits…



Thankfully the storm passed and we were all safe, and Greg got home right as the warning expired! It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated being down there, and now I actually have a goal of getting that space organized before the winter so we have a nice play space down there when it’s cold…maybe even put a trampoline and small climbing toy?!


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