Some days, all of my attempts at a tantrum free, super engaging, easy breezy day fail. Miserably, at that.

But some days things just jive and today is one of them (knock on wood…2 more hours till daddy gets home)…

We woke up at a reasonable hour…we were all dressed by 8:30 am, and to the park by 9:00…the sun was shining, the kids were not pushing their limits (and mommy’s heart) on the playground…we laughed and ran and played…we came home and went straight to the playroom where the kids picked independent activities which allowed me to just watch. From afar. The kids usually do a decent job at entertaining themselves but it usually involves mama being closeby (not bad, just a different perspective)…when they decided it was time for mama to join the fun, we all agreed on an activity and everyone shared and clapped for each other…





It was really lovely. The truth is, I don’t need every day to be lovely. I know that part of being a mama//having kiddos is to know that while kids are great, there are many hard days when nothing goes a planned. And while it sucks in the moment, I have accepted that fact. So while I don’t want or need every day to be perfect (who doesn’t love a good challenge ;)) these days where everything seem to jive are just a blessing.

I soak them up, so that on those other days, those not so dreamy ones, I can look forward to knowing that another great day is just around the corner…or block…or even longer…but that all will jive again one day.


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