last weekend fun!

Not only did we have a 3 day weekend due to Memorial Day, but we actually got a 4 day family weekend thanks to my little brother’s wedding!

We had lots of festivities over the four days and surprisingly I got minimal pictures because we were having way too much fun…and a little stress {more on that in a bit}…

We didn’t have any major responsibilities for the wedding so we had a pretty low key Friday morning and spent time outside soaking up the lovely weather!


After naps we got all dolled up and went to my hometown for a beautiful outside wedding. The kids were only in attendance for the family pictures and then made their exit before the ceremony with Grandma and Grandpa Mohr. We were thankful for a night out to fully enjoy the festivities….


Saturday was a family brunch in the morning and then after naps I enjoyed a quiet house to clean up and get dinner ready while the kids enjoy park time with G&G and daddy! It was glorious for all! After dinner, Aunt Ann Marie (Greg’s sister) arrived for the rest of the weekend and Yia Yia (my grandma) and Great Uncle John arrived to visit while he was in town. My kids are not usually impressed with new people and it takes a while for them to warm up but they were instant friends with Uncle John!


Sunday morning was spent at a different park and Sunday afternoon was spent at the sprinkler park/splash pad near our house! The kids were loving the sunshine and fresh air!


We had a lovely family dinner and then right before bed (literally 10 minutes before they usually go down) Joshua got a big ouchie which landed is at Urgent Care for stitches! More on that story tomorrow…


Monday we went to Ikea before Grandma and Grandpa left and then after naps we went to get ice cream and a few errands…that was way far from pleasant {a certain little guy was having a rough afternoon and I attribute it to lack of sleep and an ouchie mouth}…but we survived the several tantrums and crabbies!



Lots going on, mostly fun, an ouchie experience, and a few “I am going to poke my eyeballs out if they scream one more time” moments, but all in all it was a really great weekend!


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