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weekend fun!

Saturday morning we spent some time outside but boy was it hot, so we didn’t last long…


After naps we went over to my sister and brother in law’s house for a family celebration! The kids played (and tried to share toys)…some adults watched the World Cup…and we ate lots of yummy food! Good times!





After the kids went to bed on Saturday, I spent a glorious hour wandering the aisles at Target! It’s amazing how different the shopping experience can be when you are all alone!


Sunday morning we divided and conquered! Joshua had a fever on Friday and Saturday so we didn’t want to put him in the nursery at church. Greg and Joshy ran a few errands together and had a grand time! Sophia and I went to church together and then we all met back home for lunch and naps. Everyone took great naps, myself included.

After we all woke up we put on swim suits and the sprinkler and tried to stay cool!





We ate dinner and then took a walk to Dairy Queen! Ice cream is our happy place!






And after a full weekend, after the kids were tucked in bed, my handy hubby built this awesome helper stool for the kids! He is making a second because Lord knows we need two of everything….he really amazes me…he looked at some plans I had sent to him, made a few sketches and then went for it…he even added in a latch and hinge so the kids can get in easier which was a bonus I wasn’t originally expected….so excited to paint and seal these stools so the kids can enjoy them!



A steamy weekend but lovely time spent together!


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last weekend fun // indianapolis

Last weekend we made a trip to Greg’s hometown of Indianapolis!

I am never sure what to anticipate with the kids and travel. They have been created creatures of habit out of twin survival necessity so anything “out of the norm” has me holding my breath!

I expect the worst and then I can be pleasantly surprised when the kids prove me wrong. We had a little of THE WORST and THE BEST over the weekend. The bad moments were really really bad but overall it was a really fun weekend and the kids did well!

We left on Saturday bright and early and the kids hoped the kids would stay awake and happy so they could get a real nap once we rolled into Indy. Awake and happy they stayed! We were impressed with how well they did!




We had a quick lunch and play time before nap and then down they went. After nap we went to visit with one of Greg’s close friend (and his family) from growing up…the kids had fun playing with other kids and the dog! They even all sat at the “kid table” and had dinner together. How weird is it that I have kids at the “kid table” now?! Real weird!





Joshy had a hard time sleeping on Saturday night which meant we had a hard time sleeping and then was up early. So after a night of poor sleeping, the tantrum monster joined us on our trip to the zoo. Sophia had a blast looking at all the animals but J was just off and we dealt with tantrum after tantrum. I was exhausted after 15 minutes and was about to load up and leave. But smart daddy Greg suggested a train ride and that was the key to Joshua’s tired and crabby heart. He pulled it together and we were able to enjoy the rest of the time at the zoo!






That evening we laid low at the house and saw family for dinner and the World Cup game. The kids didn’t really care about the game so outside they went! They had fun exploring, finding spiders, collecting rocks and playing basket ball with daddy!







We left early the next morning but soon realized we left Greg’s phone, so we had to back track and were delayed about an hour. The kids did ok but were definitely more antsy on the way back…so that meant they watched more Go Diego Go than I prefer but…what do you do! They had a blast running around this compass rose at a rest area and it kept them busy and moving for a good 10 minutes!



A fun time away {minus the tantrums}…cheers to traveling with toddlers!

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one word wednesday.



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the two year olds.

I see the kiddos daily, so to me, yes they have grown, but not at such a shockingly fast rate as it may seem to others who don’t see them regularly. But alas, I look through pictures from a few months ago (let alone a year ago) and am shocked at the differences in the kids….

So without further ado…here are my newly turned two year old KIDS…




And because there is nothing that makes them seem huge and grown up like a comparison picture, here are the one year old tots….


And finally our 4 lb babies at just 2 hours old…


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weekend fun ::: sunday

So after two days of partying hard, it caught up to the kids. And while I was picturing a beautifully peaceful Father’s Day to celebrate Greg, it was not quite that.

The freshly turned two year olds woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We were able to go out for breakfast and have a decent time but after that it was just one crabby face after another! Except for when we played with bubbles…then all was right in the world…until we put the bubbles away…we pushed through and survived until nap time!


Greg left at nap to watch some manly movie ALONE! Glorious alone time 🙂

After nap we went to the park and had a fun time together!





The point of the day was to celebrate Greg and his role as daddy…and boy did the kids “celebrate.” And while it wasn’t as peaceful as we had hoped it actually is a reminder of the fact that Greg is an amazing father…

He could have kindly asked for a longer alone time or slept in till 10:00 am…but he was up within a half hour of the kids being awake…and he was home by the time they were up from nap…and even though I gave him “chances” to “GET OUT” he wanted to be around. Because that’s the kind of papa bear he is!


Greg does everything with his family//kids in mind….

He wakes up early to get into the office so he can be home longer in the evenings…he cuts the grass once the kids are asleep so that he can spend more weekend time with them…he is constantly on the go on his “weekend” so that the kids can do fun things I normally don’t do with them alone. Not to mention the fact that he daily picks up all the left out toys…and that he offers to change diapers…and he makes our kids laugh, laugh, laugh! When the kids hear the garage door open the literally jump from what they are doing, run to the door, and sit there waiting for daddy to open the door….because he is one heck of a daddy!

We are so thankful for Greg and while the babies showed their thankfulness via the crabby fairy on Sunday, I know they are thankful they are so loved and have such an amazing daddy!

Happy Father’s Day, Greg!

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one word wednesday.

party. animals.


{one word for each of them}

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weekend fun ::: saturday

Saturday was a big day!!! Our babies turned TWO!!!

The day started off with a breakfast date to get donuts with my big two year olds! Greg was running a 5K so I went solo with the kiddos. We wished daddy could have been there but we had a great time. As I was standing up at the counter paying I had let go of their hands, figuring “how far can they go?!” When I turned around I was shocked to see both of them like this….


They QUIETLY took it upon themselves to grab a table and wait PATIENTLY for mama. Quiet and Patient are not exactly their strong points so I was literally impressed when I saw them like this. We got our donuts and consumed them in record time…




We headed home and met up with grandma and Aunt Ede to head to a nearby park! There we met Aunt Betsy and Lucas and had a blast playing in the sand, water, climbing toys and play structure! It was a beautiful morning with lots of family fun!






After lunch and naps the kids opened a few gifts {which I forgot to take pictures of} and then we spent the afternoon playing at the house!

We had pizza for dinner and finished off the night with a walk to Dairy Queen for some vanilla soft serve with sprinkles! Mmmmmm!



Our minis!



We had an awesome day together celebrating our big two year olds!

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