weekend fun!

I am pretty sure I say this every Monday…but weekends are just the best! We get to do so many things over the weekend that I typically can’t do alone during the week. It’s a blast to change up the routine!

Friday morning started with a trip to the clinic to get Joshua’s stitches out…it went quickly but he definitely wasn’t happy about having two nurses pinning him down and a doctor with a big light and glasses picking at his face. But we survived, and in celebration, we took donuts to the park and had a great time outside!





Friday evening Greg got home with pizza for dinner and then we spent the rest of the evening outside soaking up the sunshine! The kiddos were entertained with the water table so Greg and I actually got to SIT and WATCH!


Saturday was busy! We spent the morning at the grocery store and park, and then I left for a baby shower for a friend in the afternoon. After the shower I met the fam at another park at a rescue dog event. We saw lots of pups, for free donuts, found balloons and a bounce house! Fun time and I have no pictures to show for it :). Then we stopped for a quick dinner and off to an evening service at church. Remember how I said it was a busy day? Yeah, it was!



Sunday morning we went to ANOTHER park (you can just call us the Parks!) and found out it also had a splash pad. There was no chance at avoiding the water so we embraced it and let the kiddos run around in their clothes since we had no swim gear! I think before I had kids I would have never wanted to let my kids do that (get soaking wet) but now that I have kids, I realize this is what it’s about…living in the moment and allowing them to experience these things (within limits) that they are so excited about!




Wrapped up the weekend with lunch I the patio, while watching HGTV on the iPad plus an afternoon date with my love while bambinos played with grandma!


Hope yours was sunny, and lovely!


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