getting creative…

We don’t have a fenced in back yard and two really busy//curious toddlers. That can really be a recipe for disaster without some creativity.

I never expected it to be so difficult to keep the kiddos safe and happy outside…some kids are naturally more content sticking close to mama’s side…mine are not…they want to EXPLORE. But I couldn’t have anticipated that, so now that we are in the midst of it, I am finding some creative ways to enjoy the summer without having a heart attack every other minute.

I am proud of the system we have come up with, and can only pray that we can kind a more permanent (fence) solution in the near future. In the meantime, here are some of my tricks to keeping everyone happy, safe, and enjoying the great summery outdoors…

1. Go to parks…I don’t care if I have to drive…parks (usually) create boundaries and some are even fenced in….bonus!!!!



2. Go play in someone else’s fenced in back yard. Thankful we have the option of visiting my sister’s yard when I want a lower stress, more relaxing time outside….




3. Find nature trails and big grassy areas. It’s so much easier to let them run freely and even follow a little farther behind because I know there isn’t anything of danger closeby…




4. Wait to play in our yard till someone else is around. Despite how many fun things I have outside, the kids step out, see the street and run for it….then one goes back to the swings…and I am left chasing one, to grab and catch up with the other. So if we wait to play in our yard till someone else is around, we can tag team….each take a kid and let them do their thing.


So we are making it work…it’s not ideal but it gets us movin and groovin outside during these lovely sun filled days!


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