weekend fun!

Friday started with a visit to see Aunt Ede at work. Always a blast!




We wrapped up the day with a trip to the splash pad, pizza and introducing the kiddos to JustDance. They loved the jams and dancing with mommy and daddy…


Saturday started with a last minute decision to go get Joshua’s hair cut. The last two cuts were less than enjoyable so I vowed to do an at home cut the next time. Well when it came down to it, neither me or Greg had any idea how to cut his thick, coarse, abundant hair. So we went in and didn’t look back. And you know what, he did awesome! Between watching Mickey Mouse and eating a couple suckers, we made it out with very little fuss and a whole lot less hair!


Holy cow! He looks like a different kid…actually he looks like a teenager. Where did my baby go?!!! {note: I have the same sentiments after every hair cut}

After naps the tots went to grandma and grandpa’s so mom and dad could go out for the evening with my siblings and then get a few things done in the morning. As soon as we got there, they kicked off their shoes and ran around footloose and fancy free in the backyard AND got to see//pet {pep} the neighbor pup!




They had a blast with G&G and cousin Lucas…and of course slept in nice and late for grandma :).

Greg and I had a great night out at the Greek Festival! The weather was perfect, food delicious, and company wonderful! We just missed my sis and bro in law!




I picked up the kids around lunch time and after naps we just chilled at the house. We had plans to go to a park or do something extra fun but the kids were being little angels and really content just playing at the house. And you know what they say…don’t ruin a good thing!




A lovely weekend!


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