weekend fun ::: saturday

Saturday was a big day!!! Our babies turned TWO!!!

The day started off with a breakfast date to get donuts with my big two year olds! Greg was running a 5K so I went solo with the kiddos. We wished daddy could have been there but we had a great time. As I was standing up at the counter paying I had let go of their hands, figuring “how far can they go?!” When I turned around I was shocked to see both of them like this….


They QUIETLY took it upon themselves to grab a table and wait PATIENTLY for mama. Quiet and Patient are not exactly their strong points so I was literally impressed when I saw them like this. We got our donuts and consumed them in record time…




We headed home and met up with grandma and Aunt Ede to head to a nearby park! There we met Aunt Betsy and Lucas and had a blast playing in the sand, water, climbing toys and play structure! It was a beautiful morning with lots of family fun!






After lunch and naps the kids opened a few gifts {which I forgot to take pictures of} and then we spent the afternoon playing at the house!

We had pizza for dinner and finished off the night with a walk to Dairy Queen for some vanilla soft serve with sprinkles! Mmmmmm!



Our minis!



We had an awesome day together celebrating our big two year olds!


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