weekend fun ::: sunday

So after two days of partying hard, it caught up to the kids. And while I was picturing a beautifully peaceful Father’s Day to celebrate Greg, it was not quite that.

The freshly turned two year olds woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We were able to go out for breakfast and have a decent time but after that it was just one crabby face after another! Except for when we played with bubbles…then all was right in the world…until we put the bubbles away…we pushed through and survived until nap time!


Greg left at nap to watch some manly movie ALONE! Glorious alone time 🙂

After nap we went to the park and had a fun time together!





The point of the day was to celebrate Greg and his role as daddy…and boy did the kids “celebrate.” And while it wasn’t as peaceful as we had hoped it actually is a reminder of the fact that Greg is an amazing father…

He could have kindly asked for a longer alone time or slept in till 10:00 am…but he was up within a half hour of the kids being awake…and he was home by the time they were up from nap…and even though I gave him “chances” to “GET OUT” he wanted to be around. Because that’s the kind of papa bear he is!


Greg does everything with his family//kids in mind….

He wakes up early to get into the office so he can be home longer in the evenings…he cuts the grass once the kids are asleep so that he can spend more weekend time with them…he is constantly on the go on his “weekend” so that the kids can do fun things I normally don’t do with them alone. Not to mention the fact that he daily picks up all the left out toys…and that he offers to change diapers…and he makes our kids laugh, laugh, laugh! When the kids hear the garage door open the literally jump from what they are doing, run to the door, and sit there waiting for daddy to open the door….because he is one heck of a daddy!

We are so thankful for Greg and while the babies showed their thankfulness via the crabby fairy on Sunday, I know they are thankful they are so loved and have such an amazing daddy!

Happy Father’s Day, Greg!


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