last weekend fun // indianapolis

Last weekend we made a trip to Greg’s hometown of Indianapolis!

I am never sure what to anticipate with the kids and travel. They have been created creatures of habit out of twin survival necessity so anything “out of the norm” has me holding my breath!

I expect the worst and then I can be pleasantly surprised when the kids prove me wrong. We had a little of THE WORST and THE BEST over the weekend. The bad moments were really really bad but overall it was a really fun weekend and the kids did well!

We left on Saturday bright and early and the kids hoped the kids would stay awake and happy so they could get a real nap once we rolled into Indy. Awake and happy they stayed! We were impressed with how well they did!




We had a quick lunch and play time before nap and then down they went. After nap we went to visit with one of Greg’s close friend (and his family) from growing up…the kids had fun playing with other kids and the dog! They even all sat at the “kid table” and had dinner together. How weird is it that I have kids at the “kid table” now?! Real weird!





Joshy had a hard time sleeping on Saturday night which meant we had a hard time sleeping and then was up early. So after a night of poor sleeping, the tantrum monster joined us on our trip to the zoo. Sophia had a blast looking at all the animals but J was just off and we dealt with tantrum after tantrum. I was exhausted after 15 minutes and was about to load up and leave. But smart daddy Greg suggested a train ride and that was the key to Joshua’s tired and crabby heart. He pulled it together and we were able to enjoy the rest of the time at the zoo!






That evening we laid low at the house and saw family for dinner and the World Cup game. The kids didn’t really care about the game so outside they went! They had fun exploring, finding spiders, collecting rocks and playing basket ball with daddy!







We left early the next morning but soon realized we left Greg’s phone, so we had to back track and were delayed about an hour. The kids did ok but were definitely more antsy on the way back…so that meant they watched more Go Diego Go than I prefer but…what do you do! They had a blast running around this compass rose at a rest area and it kept them busy and moving for a good 10 minutes!



A fun time away {minus the tantrums}…cheers to traveling with toddlers!


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  1. d2bb32av

    The picture of Sophia with her magazine cracks me up!

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