weekend fun!

Saturday morning we spent some time outside but boy was it hot, so we didn’t last long…


After naps we went over to my sister and brother in law’s house for a family celebration! The kids played (and tried to share toys)…some adults watched the World Cup…and we ate lots of yummy food! Good times!





After the kids went to bed on Saturday, I spent a glorious hour wandering the aisles at Target! It’s amazing how different the shopping experience can be when you are all alone!


Sunday morning we divided and conquered! Joshua had a fever on Friday and Saturday so we didn’t want to put him in the nursery at church. Greg and Joshy ran a few errands together and had a grand time! Sophia and I went to church together and then we all met back home for lunch and naps. Everyone took great naps, myself included.

After we all woke up we put on swim suits and the sprinkler and tried to stay cool!





We ate dinner and then took a walk to Dairy Queen! Ice cream is our happy place!






And after a full weekend, after the kids were tucked in bed, my handy hubby built this awesome helper stool for the kids! He is making a second because Lord knows we need two of everything….he really amazes me…he looked at some plans I had sent to him, made a few sketches and then went for it…he even added in a latch and hinge so the kids can get in easier which was a bonus I wasn’t originally expected….so excited to paint and seal these stools so the kids can enjoy them!



A steamy weekend but lovely time spent together!


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