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Oh hey. It’s been about a year…

I have been majorly MIA lately….I have a good excuse…

My phone is completely messed up. I dropped it in a mud puddle a few months ago but initially it was just the sound that was affected…then slowly but surely other functions started to go. At this point it’s pretty much only useful to make speaker phone calls and send the occasional text. I can’t take pictures, and apps open and close on their own will, the phone freezes….you get the picture. It’s a mess.

My phone is where I always blog….so since it’s been out of commission, so has my blog. Which is sad cause I love keeping it up to date with life around here.

But good news. A new phone is on it’s way (it took me this long to get a new phone because obviously I had to take months to weigh out the pros and cons of various models and sizes and ending contract early or not, etc)!

Hope to be back in action sooner than later! For now I will leave you with a happy photo….



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adios, high chairs!

I never realized how ready I was to ditch the high chairs until we started talking about booster seats. They have served us well, but having more floor space and two less trays to clean has been amazing!

The kids seem to enjoy being up to the table with us and we have only had feet sneak up on the table a few times.




Just one more thing that makes us feel like we went from having babies to practically teenagers overnight!

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little chefs

Since our “helper stools” have been built (note: must paint still) the kids have loved getting up to the counter to help me “cook.”

Sometimes they are just scrambling soapy water…sometimes they are sifting out ice cubes…and other times they are actually helping with food. It’s really fun to see them interested and I can only pray that this interest can help with our ridiculously picky eaters 🙂







Note: some of these pics were before both stools were made…now we are safe and happy while cooking 🙂

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Rainy Days

The last few days have been rainy but we ventured out to the store yesterday.

When we arrived it was just lightly sprinkling and the kids loved walking into the store and jumping in the puddles along the way. We shopped and when I was checking out I looked out and noticed the DOWNPOUR outside. Great. Since it was way too rainy to go out we camped out at Starbucks and gobbled up the snacks I had left in my bag!


The rain finally slowed down enough that I figured we should try to get to the car before it got worse. With the kids strapped into the mega cart, I ran through the parking lot. We were all getting drenched and cold so as soon as we got to the car I literally tossed the kids and bags in and shut the doors.

I tosses them in and they took advantage of the freedom in the car and ran around in the back of the van having a grand time! They watched the rain, played with the seatbelts in the back and just ran around giggling!


After a while I thought “hmmm if we can kill a few more minutes maybe the rain will let up and we can get in one more store…” So I turned on the radio, and cranked up the tunes! The kids were having a dance party in the back and couldn’t have had more fun…


Sweet Home Alabama never was so fun to dance to!

The rain never really stopped so after a few more songs I loaded the kids in their seats and we went home.

Turned out that we found a fun way to pass the rainy morning!

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long weekend fun.

Well a much anticipated long weekend has come and gone! I always feel so spoiled when we get just ONE extra family day! It was a great weekend with happy kids and that’s all I could really ask for!

With the extra day everything sort or blends together and I am having a hard time remembering exactly what we did…but here is a short recap…

Park time…4th of July parade…playtime outside…sucker and Popsicle eating…mommy and daddy date date {aka, grandma time for the kids}…church…more playtime…walks…you get the picture. It was lovely and we had a great time!












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one word wednesday

(A few hours late)…



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I always joke that Joshua shows love not though hugs and kisses (ok, he does do that too) but through wrestling. He is seriously so happy when he is rolling around on the ground and wrestling with you!

Lately he has taken to wrestling his little sister….





They roll and laugh and squeal and usually have a fun time wrestling…but Sophia is usually over it much before Joshua. But bless her little heart…she is patient and let’s Joshua have his fun. But there is usually a point where she scans the room for me, and with her head pinned to the couch cushion she grunts for relief. So I pry Joshy off and hope that he gives her a short break before sumo wrestling her once again!

Just another day in the life of a little sister …

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