Oh hey. It’s been about a year…

I have been majorly MIA lately….I have a good excuse…

My phone is completely messed up. I dropped it in a mud puddle a few months ago but initially it was just the sound that was affected…then slowly but surely other functions started to go. At this point it’s pretty much only useful to make speaker phone calls and send the occasional text. I can’t take pictures, and apps open and close on their own will, the phone freezes….you get the picture. It’s a mess.

My phone is where I always blog….so since it’s been out of commission, so has my blog. Which is sad cause I love keeping it up to date with life around here.

But good news. A new phone is on it’s way (it took me this long to get a new phone because obviously I had to take months to weigh out the pros and cons of various models and sizes and ending contract early or not, etc)!

Hope to be back in action sooner than later! For now I will leave you with a happy photo….



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One response to “Oh hey. It’s been about a year…

  1. d2bb32av

    I was having withdrawal from the Mohr posts!!! Glad you were able to update!

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