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art projects: fun or frustrating!?

About a year ago any art project that involved anything but crayons was frustrating…the kids still put everything in their mouths and nothing held their attention for more than 1 minute. Literally. It would take longer to get supplies out and set up than it would take for them to be “all done” …gah!

In the last few months are projects have been more enjoyable and we are close to them being legit fun.




We aren’t 100% there since it’s still a gigantic mess (color in the lines, kids) and it still doesn’t last long enough for me to leave them while I unload dishes or something, but it’s close. The kids love talking about the colors and trying various techniques…and finding paint left on their body for later is always a fun treat for them 🙂


Looking forward to more art projects with them as they grow!


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embrace the camera

I may not have makeup on…and I may not be showered…but I love these photos with my little loves!



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one word wednesday



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weekend fun!

Friday evening started out with a trip to Costco for dinner and dessert (we did have other reasons for being there)…their gigantic pizzas are so tasty and satisfied all our bellies. As we were cleaning up Papa Bear asked if he should get some frozen yogurt for the kids….ummm, yes, coolest dad ever. So despite the fact that we were already 30 mins away from normal bedtime, we went with it and the kids were in heaven! We run a pretty right ship around here so it’s always fun to do something unplanned and unexpected!




Saturday morning we did some errands and stuff around the house and then in the afternoon our family came over to celebrate three August birthdays! We had a burrito bowl bar and it was quite tasty if I do say so myself!!



Sunday we had church and then three out of the four of us rested/napped…Greg on the other hand…he was super dad/hubby and ran a million errands for us! So thankful for his willingness to put in major “overtime” for us! After that, we played outside and went for a long walk and enjoyed the rest of the evening together!





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one word wednesday



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hands on museum

Here in our area, the children’s museum is called the Hands On Museum…fitting name…so much to touch and see!

We bought a membership a year ago and probably went 6-10 times between last August and this June. You would think with a membership we would be there all the time…but we don’t live right around the corner and pushing two babes through snowy downtown streets just sounded like an awful idea.

But once the weather got nicer I decided to start really getting our money’s worth (without the membership it would be $33 a visit for just me and the two kids) and we have been visiting weekly!

We go on the day of the week that they open early and get there before the crowds…just the way I like it! We usually only last between 60-90 mins but it’s worth the change of scenery and fun toys to play with, especially with a membership!




Another great perk of the membership is that our whole family gets in for free as well as any grandparents, plus two guests! So this week Uncle Tony met us downtown and played with us at the museum!


We love going….


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New Phone…FINALLY!!!!

My pretty new gold iPhone 5s arrived in the mail last week! Yahoo! I am so glad to have a fully functioning phone!

Hopefully this means I am back to keeping up this blog 🙂

This weekend was lovely! Saturday was my birthday so we spent the morning as a family and then dropped the kids off at G&G’s house around lunch time. After we left I went to the mall to leisurely look around and the came home to lounge. Ahhhh! Lounging on a Saturday! We finished off the evening with dinner out! We went to a cute little neighboring city and had dinner on the patio while listening to live music.


Oh gosh and how could I forget. I went out for ice cream on Friday night as a little pre birthday celebration with my sisters! So nice to be outside and so nice to stuff my face with ice cream and NOT having to share…


Sunday we “slept in” till about 7:30 and then took it easy. Well I took it easy. Greg was grocery shopping and painting our garage. What a man! We picked Up the kids and enjoyed the rest of the day together! It was hot and steamy but fun nonetheless! We played with water, ate dinner on the patio and went for a walk. Finally got those grimy bodies in the bath and tucked them into bed…which is always sweet after missing them for a night!








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