New Phone…FINALLY!!!!

My pretty new gold iPhone 5s arrived in the mail last week! Yahoo! I am so glad to have a fully functioning phone!

Hopefully this means I am back to keeping up this blog 🙂

This weekend was lovely! Saturday was my birthday so we spent the morning as a family and then dropped the kids off at G&G’s house around lunch time. After we left I went to the mall to leisurely look around and the came home to lounge. Ahhhh! Lounging on a Saturday! We finished off the evening with dinner out! We went to a cute little neighboring city and had dinner on the patio while listening to live music.


Oh gosh and how could I forget. I went out for ice cream on Friday night as a little pre birthday celebration with my sisters! So nice to be outside and so nice to stuff my face with ice cream and NOT having to share…


Sunday we “slept in” till about 7:30 and then took it easy. Well I took it easy. Greg was grocery shopping and painting our garage. What a man! We picked Up the kids and enjoyed the rest of the day together! It was hot and steamy but fun nonetheless! We played with water, ate dinner on the patio and went for a walk. Finally got those grimy bodies in the bath and tucked them into bed…which is always sweet after missing them for a night!









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One response to “New Phone…FINALLY!!!!

  1. Mom

    So glad to see you are back in ‘blog’ business!!! Love the pics!!

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