art projects: fun or frustrating!?

About a year ago any art project that involved anything but crayons was frustrating…the kids still put everything in their mouths and nothing held their attention for more than 1 minute. Literally. It would take longer to get supplies out and set up than it would take for them to be “all done” …gah!

In the last few months are projects have been more enjoyable and we are close to them being legit fun.




We aren’t 100% there since it’s still a gigantic mess (color in the lines, kids) and it still doesn’t last long enough for me to leave them while I unload dishes or something, but it’s close. The kids love talking about the colors and trying various techniques…and finding paint left on their body for later is always a fun treat for them 🙂


Looking forward to more art projects with them as they grow!


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