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weekend fun!

Let’s see…

Weekends always zip by and I have to really think about what we did!

We spent Saturday morning at the Apple Orchard…it was a beautiful morning and so fun!









We also officially have both kids in big beds! Adios cribs! More on that later this week! Greg and I were surprised at how smoothly the transition went…and how little credit we gave our kids before we tried the beds…and how they proved us wrong :). Lessons learned all the time!

We went to church Sunday morning and grocery shopping after church. Outside play time in between. The weather was warm and sunny and while I should be pumped about it, I am ready for fall…pants in the morning and shorts in the afternoon is getting old. I will be regretting my words in a few months, I know.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!


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34 days ago???

Mercy, it has been a long time since I have visited this little space…34 days to be exact. I have no good excuse! Not even the “I am pregnant and exhausted excuse” because I have really regained back my nonexistent 1st trimester energy…but that happened, ahem….about 4-6 weeks ago. Yes I am tired at the end of the day but honestly I have just been lazy over here…and by lazy I mean, BUSY as all heck with two 2 year olds.

I often giggle to myself because my blog got so much baby attention with Joshua and Sophia ….I noted every detail of the pregnancy, took weekly photos….and baby #3?! Hope the baby doesn’t have any major complex later in life because I didn’t give it much bloggy attention while it was cookin’.

Speaking of cookin’ this little wiggle worm…we are now 18 weeks in and the baby appears to be almost as active as its big brother and sister! I started feeling baby move a few weeks ago but definitely stronger movements as of lately. Still none of those painful jams under my ribs or to my bladder, but strong enough to make me stop and enjoy a few quiet moments with the babe!


But this post isn’t just about my growing baby belly…though I am vowing to get some more regular “Bumpdates” on here….maybe ever couple weeks?! Lord knows I don’t have time for more than that.

So getting back to the point of this post. It’s been a long time and I think the big kids have aged 10 yrs since I last wrote! They seem so big and “old” lately and are just a lot of fun! There are the occasional days or weekends where things are a little hairy and the kids aren’t quite so fun but overall, we are loving this age and their sweet little personalities!!! I will leave you will a few recent photos to bring you up to speed….and I will try to make the time between posts less than 34 days next time…













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