weekend fun {mostly}

We had a pretty good weekend…for the most part 😉

Saturday started off with mama having a little break at the hair salon! Just a little trim, but that hour of having no responsibility (and a shampoo head massage) is always a lovely treat!

After I got home we went to the fire station right down the road for an open house! The kids had fun sitting in the fire trucks but that was about all they had fun with…the other activities were definitely geared toward a little older crowd.




I don’t remember what we did the rest of the day so that must mean it was pretty low key which is always nice.

Sunday morning we started off the morning with a concert by this trio…


The kids had a blast playing guitar with daddy and we sang happy birthday and ABCs about a hundred times. We loaded up and went to church and then back home for lunch and naps.

Or…lack of naps.

One of my toddlers decided napping was not a good idea and between a strong willed toddler and an even stronger willed parent, we had a power struggle over the entire nap time hour. This was where the weekend became not so fun.

I used up all the patience I had and then kind of lost my cool. No, really lost my cool. I may have thrown my own temper tantrum and “ran away from home”…not my finest moment but I knew it was better for me to leave and take a break than continue to let the frustration build….plus I hadn’t had lunch yet (at 2:30 pm) and Panera’s Mac & Cheese was calling my name.


After the non-nap, I took the kids to my parents house for a quick visit and change of scenery! They raided grandmas pantry and enjoyed running around their house!


We ended the night with dinner, baths, and play time…and seeing them all clean and in their jammies helped lessen the frustrations from earlier. Our kiddos really are so sweet and so fun and it’s easy to remember and focus on the really hard and icky moments. But the truth is, those are so few in comparison to the other moments with the kiddos….the key is to remember that in the heat of the moment!




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