{mama’s} weekend fun!

This past weekend I was able to take ANOTHER little mama get away. Don’t get me wrong, totally not complaining…super thankful…but initially, it definitely wasn’t on my radar after having taken another mama trip in February!

A few months ago Greg suggested I take a trip with some frequent flyer miles he had…really? Seriously! Ok! So after figuring details and coordinating schedules, we pulled it off and I was able to spend time in Minneapolis with some of the dearest people I know!

I arrived around lunch and was picked up by a dear friend who also happens to be a twin mama! I am always so blessed by time with her and we never have enough time to chat and catch up. Of course I forgot to take a pic…because we were too busy chatting away. She then dropped me off in Minneapolis where I stayed with my bomb dot com friend! She stocked her cupboards full of my favorite things, passed over her internet code, and let me RELAX! Heavenly to sit by the window where sun poured in and the sounds of my old city filled the air.


My host lives in an amazing area of the city and super close {walking distance} to many cute little shops and places to eat! Later I met up with some old friends from school…boy, I don’t miss the job {well, most days anyway} but I sure do miss the friends there!


Walked back home in the cool evening air and had a wonderful homemade dinner with Laurie! She ran out and grabbed a movie and of course we gobbled up ice cream for dessert!

Saturday I woke up bright and early {of course…it’s vacation} and met up with more twin mama friends. We had a playgroup together the summer before we moved and since then we have sent countless group text messages {I am sure annoying of our husbands/friends by the frequency and quantity of the message alerts}…but it sure was great spending time in person. I love all my friends but twin mama friends get me in a way no one else does! Thankful!


Spent the rest of the afternoon frolicking around and relaxing with Laurie…we went for a brisk {slow} 3 mile walk around the lake and then to uptown for some ridiculously good cinnamon rolls …obviously, we just walked 3 miles. Off to the mall to browse for tax free clothes and then biggest surprise…Laurie treated me to a prenatal massage. So generous and thoughtful and sweet. Gah. I have the best friends!


Last event of the night…dinner and chatting the next four hours away with girlfriends from our old small group. It was so good for the soul. We all met and became friends as newly married couples and now we all have bambinos and while life looks so different now, I am always refreshed and encouraged spending time with them. No picture…too much laughing and chatting and eating.

Sunday I met up with another of my faves for coffee! No picture cause it was way too early, but Jenna and I caught up over yawns and sleepy eyes {she worked and overnight shift…I stayed up past my bedtime}. After that I relaxed, talked to my sweeties and maybe even squeezed in a nap??


Finally, before heading back to the airport, I got to see one of my besties, Beth, who also has a baby on the way! So fun to walk and talk and explore thoughts and ideas on life and motherhood with someone I respect so much! I cherish our friendship and her wisdom and well…I could cry thinking about how much I miss her!


We sat at panera for a long time before we had to head to the airport and it was the perfect way to end the weekend!

While I had the perfect get away, being home was wonderful! I always quickly realize how much I miss the chaos of a busy house with two kids and chores and responsibilities…and how I wouldn’t trade it for the world!




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2 responses to “{mama’s} weekend fun!

  1. Yay, I made your blog!! 🙂 I was also thinking about a pic…but after looking at pics from the wedding, I would have been highly disappointed with my very drooping eyes, anyway! And you may not have wanted to remember my yoga pants/wedding dress outfit, anyway…:)
    “Wait, this isn’t a house?”
    LOVE YOU! I’m so glad I made the list, weeeeeeee!

  2. Mom

    So awesome that you keep up with these beautiful, helpful and encouraging sisters…. but so thankful to have you here close to us! 😉

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