weekend fun!

Oh the dreaded Monday morning. I always feel a little blue when Monday rolls around because it means that the weekend is now over, Greg is back to work, and it’s another 5 days till we have a good chunk of family time again. It doesn’t last too long because I happen to have two cute kiddos that make me smile and keep me too busy to think about it much…but still. Can it be Friday yet??

We had a good weekend. A few tantrums (nothing epic…whew!)…but mostly just a well rounded time! Saturday morning we headed downtown Detroit for a quick little visit. I haven’t been downtown to explore nearly enough…it’s not close but not far, so it’s the kind of place we visit only if we have plans…and this weekend we did! Greg ran in a relay for the Detroit marathon with some friends from work and he had to go downtown to pick up his race packet. We walked around the convention center and picked up lots of freebies for the kids …



Then Greg went and dumped the stroller in the car so we could move about more freely…I kept the kids at the convention center and we rode the escalator/elevators many times. They had a blast…


We thought about going to the zoo or museum in Detroit but by the time we were done with race stuff we decided spending $1.50 on a ride on the people mover was best idea….it was a big loop and lasted maybe 15 mins but the kids were in heaven! Riding the “train” and peering out the windows and the sites of the city. Love!



We walked back to the car and got lots of smiles cause the kids were sporting their race headbands the whole way back!




Nothing fancy but mostly just really fun letting them explore a new space! We spent the afternoon at home napping and playing and then went to Greg’s work friend’s house for a pasta dinner for a pre race meal! The kids were the life of the party and we spent most of our time making sure they weren’t getting into trouble 😉

Sunday Greg left early for the race and the kids and I went to church….then we spent the afternoon together and grandma v came over around dinner time to play with the kids so Greg and I could have a date night. We shopped for mattresses and had a yummy Italian dinner…home by 7:30. My kind of night! Oh and grandma brought this Thomas garage which the kids were/are obsessed with! Score!


Full weekend but always a blast to have family adventures!!!


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