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one word wednesday




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snowflakes falling all over town…

We had our first “snowfall” last week…it really wasn’t much {just the way I prefer it} but it made for a pretty white ground and a fun afternoon activity!

Sophia just giggled and giggled as she walked through the snow and felt the cold flakes falling…



Joshua was on a mission to get the snow shoveled and cleaned up….



Greg willingly went out with the kids…good man! I joked {but I am halfway serious} that I will gladly give him the snowplay duties this year since my snowpants don’t fit over my growing belly, and I am not super interested in slipping and falling while I grow more and more pregnant….



I would be totally content if this amount of snowfall is all we ever get…but I know that’s unrealistic. So for now, I will enjoy it!

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weekend fun!

Greg was out of town much of last week, including the weekend…so while we were all missing having him around for our normal weekend family shenanigans, we still managed to have lots of fun…mostly 🙂

We went over to grandma and grandpa’s house on Friday afternoon and stayed till Saturday evening! We always have a blast there…new toys and really energetic grandparents! Joshua managed to skip his nap on Saturday which sent me into a bit of a tizzy, but he redeemed himself with a long sleep on Saturday night and a long Sunday afternoon nap! Greg got home on Sunday afternoon and I got out of the house alone for a bit! Overall, good weekend, but we sure are glad daddy is home and doesn’t have any more trips scheduled for a while!







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embrace the camera


Time with Miss Fia over the weekend, singing and dancing at a kid concert. Love this sweet girl!


When Joshua wakes up he is 100% ready to GO! Love this little guy!

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one word wednesday.



A few more words to clear things up…this is paint progress thanks to a professional. We decided hiring someone was very worth the money for the amount of time it would take to paint this room ourselves!

One room closer to a fully painted house!

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quiet time.

A few days ago my almost 2.5 year olds decided to take a silly short nap. They have been shortening their naps (they used to sleep 3+ hours some days) so 1.5 to 2 hours is normal and good. Anything less is not good. Well the other day it was barely an hour and BOTH of them were up…not just one.

While they were ready to rock, I was not. God bless their little hearts because at least they STAYED in bed when they woke {they still are unaware that they can get out of bed on their own….YES!}….but they {mostly Joshua} probably said MOMMY about a hundred times before I actually made my way up to assess the situation.

Anyway, when I got up there I made the last minute decision to take them out of their beds, but to make them have quiet time. We have never had quiet time and I have never left them in their room alone with the door shut but I was desperate for a few more minutes of “quiet.”

I first got joshua out of bed and told him he needed to play quietly in his room until I came back. He ran straight to his closet where all of his toys are housed. He barely blinked when I left and closed the door behind me. I went to Sophia’s room and did the same with her but she followed me to the door and looked so confused when I closed the door behind me.


And so I sat outside both rooms and waited. At first they were quiet. Then from Joshua’s room “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY…I NEED WATER….MOMMMMMMYYYYYY!” But I didn’t go in. Then I listened to Sophia’s room and heard a little scratching at the door…a little shuffling of the feet…and then I looked under the door to see her sweet eyes peering under the door….


I held in my laugh because it was so telling of both kids. Joshua loud and proud…and Sophia just quietly taking it all in.

Regardless, they did awesome and stayed occupied in their rooms for an hour. It could have gone on longer but by this point it was well past their normal nap wake up time so I felt a little guilty leaving them in there. When I went in to get Joshua, this is how I found him….


I am hoping and praying they want to take a nap for the next 2-3 years {ha!} but in the event that they don’t, I am hopeful we will be able to implement a quiet time instead. Heck, maybe I will start quiet time now…morning quiet time, afternoon nap??!!!! Sounds good to me!

Good job kiddos. Always impressing your parents!

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recent conversation.

Kids: Daddy’s at work…Ede is at work…

Me: Does mommy work??!!

Kids: NOPE! (In unison…)

Me: Belly laugh // sigh…

Kids: Belly laugh // Belly laugh // Belly laugh


Oh kids….if you only knew :).

Love them!


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