{rest of the} weekend fun

Let’s see!

Saturday morning we got things done around the house…the kids napped as usual and then after naps I was kicked out of the house for a night away! Greg has a lot of travel coming up this month so he booked me a hotel (locally) and sent me off to enjoy an off duty night.

But I couldn’t stay away for too long. The hotel had a pool so Greg brought the kids to swim…turns out the pool is outdoor. Fail! Oh well. They had fun playing with the phone and jumping on the bed. We had dinner together and then off they went. I went to the mall for like 30 mins before I realized why I haven’t been to the mall, on a weekend, in ages. It is so busy and not fun.



Then the highlight of the night away…I stopped at Big Boy to get a slide of French Silk Pie…cause when I see Big Boy, I need a piece of pie! I asked for it to go and when I got back to my room to dig in, I saw the most beautiful sight….


Mr Big Boy hooked me up with two slices for the price of one. I think he felt pity on this pregnant woman who came in at 8 pm, alone, for a slice of pie to go. I’ll take it!

Got up the next morning, ate breakfast in bed while watching HGTV and showered all before 8:30 am. That never happens so it was a lovely start to the day. Back home to see the Fam and get to church!

After naps we decided to take advantage of one last beautiful weekend day and went to a corn maze! We didn’t even enter the maze since there were way too many other things to do…








They closed earlier than we had planned due to the time change and quickly darkening skies (duh!) and someone was very sad to go, but it was a lot of fun!


Hope you had a good one too!


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