quiet time.

A few days ago my almost 2.5 year olds decided to take a silly short nap. They have been shortening their naps (they used to sleep 3+ hours some days) so 1.5 to 2 hours is normal and good. Anything less is not good. Well the other day it was barely an hour and BOTH of them were up…not just one.

While they were ready to rock, I was not. God bless their little hearts because at least they STAYED in bed when they woke {they still are unaware that they can get out of bed on their own….YES!}….but they {mostly Joshua} probably said MOMMY about a hundred times before I actually made my way up to assess the situation.

Anyway, when I got up there I made the last minute decision to take them out of their beds, but to make them have quiet time. We have never had quiet time and I have never left them in their room alone with the door shut but I was desperate for a few more minutes of “quiet.”

I first got joshua out of bed and told him he needed to play quietly in his room until I came back. He ran straight to his closet where all of his toys are housed. He barely blinked when I left and closed the door behind me. I went to Sophia’s room and did the same with her but she followed me to the door and looked so confused when I closed the door behind me.


And so I sat outside both rooms and waited. At first they were quiet. Then from Joshua’s room “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY…I NEED WATER….MOMMMMMMYYYYYY!” But I didn’t go in. Then I listened to Sophia’s room and heard a little scratching at the door…a little shuffling of the feet…and then I looked under the door to see her sweet eyes peering under the door….


I held in my laugh because it was so telling of both kids. Joshua loud and proud…and Sophia just quietly taking it all in.

Regardless, they did awesome and stayed occupied in their rooms for an hour. It could have gone on longer but by this point it was well past their normal nap wake up time so I felt a little guilty leaving them in there. When I went in to get Joshua, this is how I found him….


I am hoping and praying they want to take a nap for the next 2-3 years {ha!} but in the event that they don’t, I am hopeful we will be able to implement a quiet time instead. Heck, maybe I will start quiet time now…morning quiet time, afternoon nap??!!!! Sounds good to me!

Good job kiddos. Always impressing your parents!


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