Holiday Happenings: Playing with the Nativity

I wanted to buy a Little People Nativity set last year, but alas, I never did. This year, however, I found a great deal on one and got it for the kids!

They have just loved playing with it!! We have been reading some stories about the meaning behind Christmas, as that’s really important for us to instill in the kids. After reading the various stories, we look at the nativity and identity the various people we read about–baby Jesus, the wise men, mommy (Mary), etc.




And bonus. We just added batteries so we can hear Silent Night round the clock 🙂



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2 responses to “Holiday Happenings: Playing with the Nativity

  1. This is a highlight to all the kids in my family with the same set! My parents have this, as well as an entire village you can set up (tents, animals, more people, etc.) so you can always add to the set! Every year they all get so excited to set it up.

  2. Mom

    One of the best songs EVER!

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