Holiday Happenings: Tree Painting

Last year, we made some cute little Mistletoes for a Christmas project….


This year, we made some Christmas Trees! The kids are still pretty hesitant to do “out of the norm” things because they are sure I am trying to torturing them….so when I suggested painting our hands to make trees they put up a stink. But I bribed with cookies and once I started painting their hands, they giggled and thought it felt funny. Uhhhh, that’s what I had just told them. :). They had to discover on their own that it wasn’t so bad, I guess.

Anyway, after we made the trees, we let them dry, and after nap we got out q-tips to dab on the twinkle lights. I really wanted to do this part on my own cause I knew it was likely one or both wouldn’t just dab (they enjoy smearing…) but I realized it would be way more appropriate to let them do their thing…imperfections and all! I did show them how to dab but then let them do the rest of their own!

The trees turned cute and they had fun….especially when it came to show daddy what we had created!



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