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more nesting …

As mentioned before, I have been in major nesting mode. This is quite the phenomenon for me because last time I couldn’t nest without a doctor yelling at me, and while I have “kept up” this pregnancy, I still have had such low energy….I get motivation here and there but trying to keep up with two toddlers has proven to use up any and all energy I have for anything else. But the last few weeks I have had this weird amount of “let’s get it done” motivation…which has lead to deep cleaning cupboards and appliances….baking ridiculous amounts {6 different batches to be exact} of muffins to freeze…organizing…and more! Who am I and what has happened to Tina.



It’s kind of great and it’s kind of bad because I know THESE are the days I really should be resting because we all know how I am going to be feeling once I am not sleeping at night {or sleeping even less} and trying to care for not only 2 toddlers but also a wee little one. But I am going to go with it and continue to cross things off my nesting list so I can feel nice and “ready” 🙂



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embrace the camera

This week I got equally as fantastic snuggles with Baby A and Baby C!


The kids always seem so “old” when we are doing day to day things….having conversations, having an opinion about clothes and food, having an imagination, etc….but when I see pictures like this (calm, cuddled up and yes, STILL using a pacifier at times) I realize just how little they still are!

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one word wednesday.



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winter walk

Compared to last winter, this winter has felt like we are living in Miami! The temps have been mild, the snow has been minimal! I know we still have plenty of winter left, but so far it’s been “tolerable.” {Of course, the year we decided to invest in a heavy duty snow blowers}

Despite how mild this winter has felt, it’s still been hard to get outside with the kids. My snowpants don’t fit {not even close…like I can’t even get them over my ever expanding hips} and in general it’s much harder to bend down and help toddlers who often fall and get stuck in the snow. Plus the walkways that are icy?? I look like a super old lady trying to walk!

Anyway, a few days ago it was so sunny and the air wasn’t blowing….so I was determined to get us all out for a little walk!


The kids giggled as they slipped across icy sidewalks, and threw themselves into snow piles.



It was a breath of fresh air and we all had a blast!

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weekend fun!

We had a good weekend!

Saturday started with a slow wake up for me! Papa Greg forced me to stay in bed later than usual which was a real treat (especially considering he is up way earlier than me every other day)….I am to the point in my pregnancy where my body just aches, so being able to lay and relax was awesome!

Once I got up I decided to whip up some of these yummy coffee cake crumble muffins. Delicious!


Then the kids and daddy went to the gym while I cleaned the house and did some laundry! Before I knew it it was lunch and nap! My little Joshy decided not to nap. I think it had something to do with the fact that the gym day care workers gave the kids the whole ziplock bag of mini marshmallows in my diaper bag for snack {the marshmallows I carry to have on hand for incentive or to avoid a public meltdown/tantrum….not to eat as SNACK}. Who thinks a whole bag of marshmallows would be sent as a real snack is beyond me, but maybe that’s what I get for leaving bribery in my bag. Either way, no nap days are never my favorite, but we survived!

After naps, Aunt Ede and Uncle James came over to hang with kids for a few hours so Greg and I could run a few errands and grab a bite to eat!

Sunday we spent sleeping in {everyone slept past 7:30!!}, going to church, playing in box “tents”, Greg building baby room furniture, grocery shopping {aka, browsing the toy aisles for way too long}, dancing to music, playing. Fun day!







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The kids have been saying words since….well, I can’t even remember, it’s been that long. It’s been so fun to see and hear them adding words and then phases and sentences.

Joshua has always been a chatter box and he had a major language boom in the 18-24 month range.

Sophia has always consistently been adding words to her vocabulary, but it has come slower. To be honest, it’s been really hard NOT to compare! Why doesn’t she know as many words as Joshua? Why is his articulation more clear than Sophia’s? You get the idea.

The one thing that we never wondered about was if she was “smart” or not. That petite little thing has been able to identify all the letters (in random order) and numbers since around 18 months…not to mention she has great receptive language.

As a mama I just wanted to be sure that we were doing all we could to help her grow in this area…and yes, I know I often compared her to her twin brother, but I wanted to be sure that she wasn’t compared by others. That was one of my biggest fears!

We had a few evaluations done (one through the early intervention program for our area and one private evaluation) and both times she scored right at her age level and didn’t qualify for any services.

It’s hard not to worry about your kids but I just had to learn that speech and language was one of Joshua’s strengths and that he was probably “ahead of the game” in this area…rather than assuming Sophia was behind.

One thing we have noticed, however is that because Joshua loves to talk, he often talks for her and/or answers a question before she even gets the chance to say something. Plus Sophia is extremely laid back and super “go with the flow” (one of her major strengths….and not one of Joshua’s) so she was ok with him talking for her.

Long story short, a little after her second birthday (maybe this fall) she started having a language boom! She is still more soft spoken than Joshua but wow, all the sudden we started hearing tons of new words and phrases and sentences! It has been a blast hearing her sweet little voice more and knowing what she’s thinking about!

We had the chance to enroll her in a speech class, and while I don’t think she NEEDS it, I am sooooo excited about it for her! It’s two teachers and one other girl. Sophia is definitely the leader in the group and she is absolutely thrilled to go to class each week! She giggles and runs back with the teachers, she sits patiently and listens quietly. She answers questions readily and generally has a really fantastic time. While I love the kids doing activities together, I am so thankful that Sophia has this special time to shine!

It’s only a six week class but it’s been a neat to see so far (I can view and hear the class from a separate room)…



Joshua, naturally, has been a little sad that he doesn’t get to go to the class, but that lucky boy has gotten to spend time with Grandpa V one week, and he came with us one week and got to play with a gigantic box of cars.


So thankful for the continued progress we see in both kids! It’s so fun to hear their thoughts and have real conversations with them!

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embrace the camera

Snuggles with my Baby B and Baby C…


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