weekend fun

Well, we are back to reality.

Greg worked last Friday and while it was dreamy that he only had a “one day work week” it was reminder of real life….when mama counts down the minutes till the weekend.

We had a nice weekend together! Saturday started with ice and then turned into a super rainy day so we mostly stayed in! However, Greg and the kiddos did get to the gym in the morning and I had the luxury of taking a super long shower, putting away laundry uninterrupted, and putting my feet up to listen to music for a bit. We played lots and then did lunch and nap as normal….



After I took a glorious nap, along with the kids, I went out for a mani and pedi and then Greg told me to stay out until dinner. Ok, if you insist! But really, such a treat and so thankful for Greg giving me space to take some time for myself. It’s refreshing and coming home to see everyone is always that much sweeter!


Sunday we went to church and then came home for normal afternoon lunch and naps. When the kiddos woke up daddy was finishing up watching The Colts game so I tried to keep them occupied so he could enjoy but they love him so much and if he is around, they want HIM to play. I get it kids, I have a big old belly and can’t move quite as quickly…I agree, daddy IS way more fun these days 🙂

After the game was over, the troops bundled up and went out to enjoy the snow before the temps dropped to freezing your face off cold…I enjoyed watching from inside 🙂





Our grand finale was having dinner at Wendy’s {gasp, I know}…trying to enjoy these moments of relatively easily getting out of the house and doing activities with the big kiddos before baby comes. We can’t wait for baby, but we are not living in a fairy tale….we know #3 will surely add a new dimension to our everyday activities….



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  1. Mom

    I love the new hats and Joshy’s hat hair!!

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