embrace the camera

I know i still have some time left before I become a mama to three…but I know the time is going to fly {I don’t know how it couldn’t with two BUSY little tots}

So every time I do something “normal” with the kids, I always wonder what it will be like once the baby comes….how will making breakfast change ::: how will going to the grocery store change ::: how in the world will i coordinate a spontaneous lunch date with all three??

I will be the first to say that I expect the change to take some major adjusting, but as with anything kid related, I am confident we will get it figured out eventually ….

Yesterday we went to Costco and then I decided to treat us all to a pizza lunch date.


It was really fun to sit and chat with the kids and enjoy our mutual love for pizza and Costco! Soaking up these moments of relative “ease” until we throw a third into the mix!


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  1. Mom

    You were worried about handling twins by yourself too and look what you can do with 2 toddlers!!! One more will change the mix, but I absolutely know you’ll adjust just fine!

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