winter walk

Compared to last winter, this winter has felt like we are living in Miami! The temps have been mild, the snow has been minimal! I know we still have plenty of winter left, but so far it’s been “tolerable.” {Of course, the year we decided to invest in a heavy duty snow blowers}

Despite how mild this winter has felt, it’s still been hard to get outside with the kids. My snowpants don’t fit {not even close…like I can’t even get them over my ever expanding hips} and in general it’s much harder to bend down and help toddlers who often fall and get stuck in the snow. Plus the walkways that are icy?? I look like a super old lady trying to walk!

Anyway, a few days ago it was so sunny and the air wasn’t blowing….so I was determined to get us all out for a little walk!


The kids giggled as they slipped across icy sidewalks, and threw themselves into snow piles.



It was a breath of fresh air and we all had a blast!


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